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Okay. I was trying to clear my iPhone for my preparation to whited00r. So I accidentally bricked my iPhone due to some idiotic moves of mine. I pressed the "Erase all content and Settings" on my iPhone 3G ( Then I suddenly realized that this should not be done on a jailbroken device ). Then yeah, this shit happened. T.T

Please help me. I've done every step. I tried restoring my iPhone through itunes by downloading the 4.2.1 firmware with the 6.15.00 baseband by doing Shift+Click restore while in PWNED DFU mode. But I get Error 1600 everytime. I even tried modifying the hosts file, and tried the TSS Server by Tiny Umbrella. I tried every Youtube video, even this >> but still same errors. :((

PLEASE HELP ME :/ This is the 2nd time I have bricked my phone. I've done this before, ( I've bricked my iPhone with a different situation ) and it was successfully restored to life back then. it is really weird that after the same process, now it's still bricked. Is it because iTunes' servers are now blocking custom firmwares?? O.o ( Cause I even tried lower versions of itunes as said in the New Whited00r video. )

HELP HELP HELP :((( I miss my iPhone. T.T Please help me restore even at least in stock firmware mode. Just help me make it work again :( THANKSSSS IN ADVANCED EVERYONE. :))))

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I know this is an odd question, but is it possible to own a Cracked Application? I mean, to register the cracked app to your itunes email account? I really wanna update my Fotorus to the latest possible version by using the compatibility system of itunes but when I do that, though my phone was able to receive the "Download to the latest possible version of this app" notification thingy, it gives me an error ( which was expected because it was a cracked app ). I tried deleting the Fotorus app, and installing it again through itunes in my phone, but now it says "You need to upgrade to iOS 4.3 to be able to install and use this application" - something like that. Please Help thanks in advanced :D

Hi. I have decided now that I will use whited00r because I believe that my phone is now super slow.
But I have this game of mine that I play, it's called SevenSwords. an Online-MMORPG on the iPhone that is currently compatible with my iPhone Stock firmware (iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1) .

Though the itunes says that it is compatible with iOS 3.0, I just wanna be sure because the main site of SevenSwords says that it is fully compatible with iOS 4.0 ( nothing says it is not compatible with 3.0 but it just says that on the main site :D )

So... HAHAHA :D I'm pleasingly asking you fellow whited00r people to test this application, it is free by the way  ;D

For that very beautiful/handsome person who will test it with their whited00r-ed iPhone, Thank you very very much in advance  ;) God Bless :D

Anywhoo, if there are SevenSwords players here, my username is NoyNoyAquino LOL just sayin :)

It is a nice game by the way. You should try it all :3 Enjoy Playing  8)

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Hey guys, do you know where to find an ipa for this? I think v2.1.1 below works for iOS 4.2.1 >,< Not sure?

If you find one, please do tell. Thank you very much in advanced :))

Guys, I found that the latest version that requires iOS4 for Soundcloud is the version 2.2.4 :) Anyone knows a working/stable version, I found one but it crashes right from its starting screen O.o

I also believe that the version 1.7 is the latest version working on iOS3 but I also didn't seem to find a stable version ( also crashes )

Any of you guys have either one of the versions or atleast have 1.7+? :) Thanks in advanced :D

Guys, Can I ask if there's anyone who has an app similar to Fruit Pop! I found an app named Bubble Smile which is very much like it, but unfortunately, it's not available on the app store anymore :( Does anyone know an app like this, or has bubble smile on their back-ups? thanks :D

Just wondering, is it possible that we can buy just the armv7 hardware and put it on the armv6 hardware slot of our iPhones/iPods ??? XDD

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Camera360 Ultimate?
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:27:05 PM »
Does anyone know a tested ipa for Camera360? All versions I see crash right in front of the screen    >,< I assume that the version available for the iOS 4.0 requirement is v2.8.6 below? Please Help :D Thanks in advanced hehe :))

Does anyone know where the latest binary can be found to play this game? without the updated binary, this game cannot be played/ log-in to. *(Just like instagram -__- LOL ) I only have v1.0.7 from the rutracker. T.T Please Help me, I really really want to play this MMORPG. Thanks in advance :))

May I suggest to have Assistive touch on the Next Whited00r update :DD Thanks XD

Hello :DD I have a free and simple way to still get connected and live your life with your instagram accounts, via your PC.It's not a permanent solution though, because nothing's better than the instagram app itself :( This is just a temporary fix to your instagram needs :DD

Instagram, has their own "news feed-like" feed just like facebook on their home website. So liking, following, etc. can be done so far. The only problem is that, you can't upload photos, right? :DD

After searching some sites, browsing in google... I finally came out to a solution that I might share with you guysIt's called gramblr. It's a 100% Freeware that allows you to upload photos directly from your PC. It's very simple to use, like uploading on your instagram app, but without the filters and effects :( However, there are still sites like that can cope up with filters far more better than those on the instagram app itself :DD

1. Go to
2. Download Application by Clicking the Screenshot of the Software

3. After Downloading, Make a New Folder and Copy-Paste the Zip File
4. Extract it with 7zip or Winrar

How to Use:
1. Make sure that your photo is 650x650 in dimensions ( Using Photoshop, etc. or Online websites like )
2. ( Optional ) You can use Pixlr-omatic to add filter, or if you prefer using other applications both in your iDevices or in PC, then so be it
3. Open the Application.
4. Log-in your account. Dont worry, I've tried it already and it's 100% safe :)
5. Select "Choose File" and Pick the photo you wish to upload.

6. Then after that, you can add a Caption to your photo.
7. Finally, it will be successfully  uploaded on your instagram account. Gramblr will then give you an option to share it on Twitter and Facebook( Only Twitter and FB ^__^ )
8. Check if your photo is uploaded. You will be satisfied with the result :DD

Hope this helps for all of those who can't login to their instagram accountsI really wish that facebook will remove that stupid catch 22. So all of us can sleep contentedly at night. XD You can use this technique while waiting for a fix ^__^

Hello I'm new here in this Forum. Can you please help me find an ipa for FotoRus that may be compatible with my iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 ( Not on Whited00r, but am planning to do the Redd00r ) ??  ;D

I have one before, but I restored my phone last last week because it got bricked.

Though Fotorus is a Free app, I can't use it now for it has iOS 4.3 cutoff :(

According to my searches, I assume that the working versions for iOS 4.0 of Fotorus are 3.7 down and 3.8 up are versions for iOS 4.3 up already ( Latest version is 5.0 )

I found 3.5, 3.4, and 3.3 versions but they all crash right from the start of the screen. :(( Please help me find one that is tested and may probably work with my iPhone 3G. I really crave for this app since the beginning, and I would really love to have it again. Thanks in advance for those who might help :))

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