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Okay, I don't want to be rude but everybody knows: Whited00r is WhiteD3ad.

Most contributors left, no updates since 2 years. Guys, it's over.
iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G etc. are extremely slow devices. It's not a big surprise that Apple dropped the support for them. Just get a new one. iPhone 5S is about 200-300$ right now.

Bye, I'll never come here back again.

- Artur
Used whited00r 2014-2014.
Has a new iPhone that is much better

Why it sucks?

Let's start with the damn Time Machine App:
-Everyone knows that everyone is downloading Whited00r because of APPS.
But the shop is stupid! Old versions of every App (less features, every second App is stupid because of that)
- Searching new games (or apps) is very shitty too cause in the Game section I just see 10 Apps not more, you can't refresh or scroll down for more.
-sometimes crashes while downloading (slowly because wd is sloooowww)
-Rejecting games that cost money (that makes the store more stupid)
-no reply if u send a app.
-some apps are not even working (crashing) like talking tom.

What makes whited00r stupid? :
-iOS 3.1.3, maybe it's "faster" but it's sucky because it's very old and buggy and other stuff like that.
Cancel ass damned redd00r what is never updated and make whited00r for iOS 4.2.1!!!
That's much better! Because you already have original folders and much much better support for safari (iOS 3.1.3 you see blank pictures in iOS 4.2.1 not :DDD)
And it's better because you get more apps for the store :D
And the nice Game Center :)
And in the 4.2.1 App Store you CAN download old version of Apps 0.o
-still stupid password entering.

To Brian:
By the way I replied the page owner over 3 months ago (translating you know) and he's still not answering anymore :(

Hello, Whited00r users and admins.

I Can help at translate whited00r (full pages) to german and polish.  ;)
Propose Apps for TimeMachine (Minigore,Nyan Cat,Tasty Planet...)  :'(


Reaply.  :D

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

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