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Archives / Mobilemail & 3G memory
« on: July 25, 2011, 04:58:14 PM »
First I'd like to say hello to all the devs & contributors to Whited00r...

Hello & thank to all involved for creating such awesome firmware! I'm absolutely blown away at the functionality of my 3G with Whited00r!

I apologize in advance if what I'm about to write has been discussed already...I'm kind of in a rush the moment so I didn't have a chance to properly search the forums...& if this info is in the wrong place I apologize...I do think (in my opinion) this would be a good feature to include in the Configurator Script.

I don't use Mobilemail, I'm sure a lot of Whited00r users do, but I don't...& was getting frustrated with the mail app running in the background when I opened my Contacts or accidently clicked on an email link in Safari.

Today I discovered an easy way to disable Mobilemail from opening in the background...& the savings in RAM & improved speed when using Contacts or Safari was quite noticable! Usually my RAM lingers around 55-60MB with nothing running. With Safari open the RAM drops quickly to between 25-35MB with one or two pages open. With Mobilemail prevented from running in the background my RAM in Safari now sits at around 40MB!

To achieve this do the following:

-SSH (or whatever you prefer) into your Iphone

-Find & enter the folder. (In Applications)

-In the folder download the Info.plist file (make a backup just in case!)

-Open Info.plist & locate the phrase <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> and below it there should be a line that says <string></string>

-Edit the <string></string>...Replace 'mobilemail' with 'mobilemailx' or whatever you choose & upload the new plist to the folder, overwriting the old one.

-Rename to match the new <string></string>...In my case the folder is now called & the Info.plist string is <string></string>

-Respring your Iphone!

Restore Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings

You will notice, after you respring your Iphone, that the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option in Settings has disappeared....To restore the Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings:

-SSH back in to your filesystem

-Head to Applications ->

-In there is a file called Settings-iphone.plist...Download this file to your computer.

-Open Settings-iphone.plist & locate <string></string>

-Rename <string></string> to match the previously edited string in my case, this string is now <string></string>

-Upload the edited Settings-iphone.plist back to (again...make sure you make a backup!)

-Respring & Mail, Contacts, Calendars is back in Settings!

Note that Springboard now calls the Mail app whatever you chose to call can get it back to just 'Mail' but I haven't done that yet...(& to be honest, if you're not using the Mail app who cares what it's called, I put all the apple apps that I never use on one screen far away from everything else!)

I couldn't believe the speed improvement & extra RAM from this little mod!

I hope my instructions aren't too I said I'm kind of in a rush today but wanted to share this info with the Whited00r community!



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