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Hello. Its me agan. Ive been thinking about streamlining the ATM experience of all the WD users in a way it becomes much more easier to give back to the community. First of all the uploading process of apps to ATM sucks hands down. (just the upload process. Rest is awesome.) The problem is if i have some apps tied to my itunes, aka not yet cracked then i have to cross through a hundred hurdles untill it gets to the ATM guys for upload. I have to install them, crack them then using itools copy onto my PC. next have to open them with itunes and copy the app url (have to save it somewhere for later). Then i have to open up ATM submit page and paste the link here. Next i have to select a hundred checkboxes (just kidding. Not exactly a hundred..) and finally i get to upload the app. I get it, its there to weed out problems but it comes in the way of an average joe who just wants to help if it means not going through the trouble. Me, i have uploaded many apps using the same process everytime because i want to help no matter what.
What i suggest is simple, in the ATM app, make another tab, an "upload" tab. Just a mobile version of the desktop ATM submit page. But where it should shine is just to allow it access to the "cracked" folder where clutch puts apps after they have been stripped off of DRM. So now if i have an app not in ATM, i would have to use clutch and open up ATM, select the app and it should be with them in no time. Also if i happen to get some already cracked apps from somewhere, i would just copy them onto cracked folder and its off to the team.
Phew. Try it. See how it would be feesible and let the community contribute for its welfare.

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