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I have a iphone 3g and I used the unlocked whited00r iphone 3g firmware to restore it the firmware went through but I have the (searching.....) problem I have a UNACTIVATED tmobile sim card in it just to see if the phone was unlocked I put the sim card in and it didn't say unrecognized sim or anything so im guessing its unlocked but it still says searching how do I get rid of the( searching...) I plan on putting on a different carrier soon

Modem firmware it says : 05.15.04

 if any other information is needed just reply and I will give you guys the information you need from the phone im new to this "Jailbreaking" stuff sorry.

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Troubleshooting - Archive / unlocked iphone 3g not jailbroken though
« on: August 25, 2013, 02:39:16 AM »
i have a iphone 3g that is unlocked but it is not jailbroken it doesn't have cydia or anything on it so I downloaded the whited00r 6 unlocked version and tried to do the restore and my iphone was stuck in recovery mode and I cant get it out of it so Im getting a new iphone 3g since I restored it and its not unlocked anymore and now its stuck on the activation screen so im getting a new 3g that is unlocked and I want to know how I can install whited00r 6 on it without it getting stuck in recovery mode again help please !

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