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YAY! Bruans back! how was your vacation?

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Amateur Developers / Sleek, Smooth, iOS7 like SBsettings Theme
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:52:34 PM »

A New Sleek and Smooth iOS 7 like SBsettings!

First of all, some credits to this guy, who gave me an idea,11928.0.html

Have you been thinking about how your SBsettings doesn't match the rest of beautiful whited00r 7? Have you been loosing sleep over it? Not sure what to do? Browsing Whited00r forums looking for an iOS 7 like SBsettings?

Well Look No Further!

Here is the iOS 7 SBsettings!

With It's Smooth and clean interface, no longer will you have friends asking: "Why doesn't that top bar extension thingy look iOS 7ish?" Feel better about your SBsettings matching whited00r 7 by downloading this GUI!

Doesn't require winterboard
Looks good
Is Clean
No hard to read, white on white text!
And More!

Download Link Here:
Installation Instructions:
Download the file.
Unzip it
Open up ifunbox (or whatever file manager you have)
Go to /var/mobile/library/SBsettings/Themes and drag and drop it there.
Then go to your sbsettings, go to Dropdown Window Theme, and Select SBSettings iOS 7 By Superhitech
Done! Enjoy your new SBsettings! :D

PS: The black smudge in the photo is not part of the theme! I just blacked something out.

Hi guys,

I am pleased to bring you guys my first theme i developed: A New, Improved, Beautiful, iOS 7 like GUI Weather App. Inspiration from here: I thought that weather app was cool, but I realized it wasn't very ios 7 like. So I made a new weather app, here is the download link: It uses coinURL, so just skip the ad, the button to skip is in the top right corner. Please, click on that link there, and take less than 5 extra seconds to skip the ad.

Ok now the instructions.
First, download the app
Unzip it.
With ifunbox, copy a file of the regular to your desktop. (Just in case) Then drag and replace it with my
Then, install it with ifile installer feature.
Then, go to terminal
Do su then password (default is alpine) then chmod -R 777 /Applications/ then respring
Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Go to ifile, and go to /var/mobile/media/iTunes_Control/iTunes

Then rename the files "iTunesCDB" "iTunesControl" and "iTunesPrefs"

Done! All fixed! iTunes can read your ipod/iphone now!

Any tweaks out there to get free music in your iTunes library/music player for iOS 3.13.? I need one because iTunes can't read my iPod. Thanks

I thought of writing my first tutorial :D

I'm sorry if this topic has already been posted on, i searched a bit but I couldn't find anything on this topic so decided to post. Also this is a tutorial for newbies, so please dont post some stuff saying "I already know how to do this." We don't care.

Anyways, on with the tutorial

Have you ever seen those tutorials where you need iFunbox or something else? For some people who for ever reason don't want to download a file manager or are at a friends house and can't/not allowed to download anything on the computer? Anyways, here are the steps.

First click that little wifi icon at the bottom of your screen.
It should say "accepting connection with ip address here" after that, type in the IP address that is provided into your web browser
There will now be choose file and the upload button on the bottom of the screen. Self explanatory what to do here.

There, have fun using your computer to upload files.

Thanks for reading this.

PS this app is $4 US on cydia, you can pirate it but I can't put the name of the repo here ;D :P *COUGH some google COUGH searching can COUGH provide results*

Anyone have suggestions for good sms apps for ios 3.1.3? post them below, thanks.

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Ok, so now to the topic.
Does anyone have the modded version of textfree that makes it look like imessage? I would appreciate it if someone could give it to me, thanks. I think coolbreeze made it? I'm not sure but I wnat it :D


Hi guys,
I am fairly new to these forums, so please point out my mistakes for me (in a polite manner obviously)

So this is something I thought up:
Instagram is compatible with an iphone running ios 4.2.1, but not with an ipod 2g running 4.2.1.
But, if we got the IPA for the iphone 3G instagram and force installed it with ifunbox or something, would this work?
I would have tried this out myself, but I could not find the IPA.
It would be awesome if someone provided the IPA for me to test out.


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