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Appsync is pre-installed on all firmwares right?

Hi Whited00r. I am not actually new here but I would like to start developing apps for whited00r. Where do I start? I know how to write in objective-c but I dont have a mac to use Xcode. No luck for me?

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I'm having installation errors here. Weeks ago I installed Whited00r 6 on my iPhone 3G and now I'm having errors.
I have used the same process. Downgrade to 3.1.2> Jailbreak with Blackra1n> Use iReb> Shift+Click to the Whited00r 6 firmware.

its this app:

I accidentally upgraded my app to version 4.3.1. I need any version below 4.2.2.
preferably version 4.2.2. Thanks!

I have 107 free apps ipa's. I got some of it that I saved for my iPod touch 2G 3 years ago on my old hard drive. And most of it that I found on the web.

I could not post it yet, some of them are still tied to my iTunes account and can someone crack it for me?

I will post them tomorrow.

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« on: February 11, 2012, 05:59:38 AM »
im using ipod touch 2g ios 4.2.1

when i type su root then alpine then ./
it continues but says syntax error near unexpected token.... HHELPPPP
im using ipod touch 2g ios 4.2.1

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