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Calling all whited00r fans and followers. Just want to bring to your attention something going on within the jailbreak community at the minute. Please follow through Twitter @weWantAnOpeniOS . The objective of this is to lobby Apple to open up ios for all. The campaign is heavily supported by the likes of Pod2g and Plantbeing,major players in the jailbreak community. So please consider showing your support. :)

So I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to iPhone 4. Lol, so much quicker then my 3G. Anyways been looking at jailbreaks and tweaks, one of which is Siri. As with a lot of these things;web, YouTube etc is a minefield of contradictory information about what method to use, what proxey to use blah blah blah.. I really can't be bothered with it if I have to keep changing proxies, have to pay in anyway or the service is that limited and buggy,it's not worth the hassle. What do you guys think?

Anybody got it running? If so how? How well does it work? Do you have any of the above issues? Did you have to pay?

Redd00r - Archive / Keynote?
« on: April 17, 2012, 10:56:53 PM »
Anybody know if there will be new keynote vid anytime soon?

Hay all, anybody else having probs with this new version of sara. Used the last 4 or 5 versions  on my iPhone 3g without any issues, updated the last version and the app won't start. Tryed reinstall, respring and reboot, no joy.....

Whats happening with tastycorns pleasedo? I'm looking forward to that, I find sara a little dim whitted at times, I think maybe because creator is Vietnamese (I think) some things get a little lost in translation.

Hi all. My phone iPhone 3G on wd 5.1 normal, I'm running ioverclock too. I was looking on the facebook site yesterday and found instuctions to get back app store by modding the plist for app store. I decided to have a go. After deleating line app store icon dissapered. I then went back into I file and deleated the whole 3store folder and resprung. Icon reappeared but would not execute, screen just went black and reset to home screen. I decided then to reboot my phone. It came back on and App store now worked.great stuff. Now this is where it gets strange. I have noticed 2 things. My phone seems much faster, next to no lag and base apps(messeging iTunes etc) seem to be opening quicker, overall my phone is now much faster. Is it possible that app store and 3 store have been conflicting in some way? My phone was not that slow it's just now it's quicker.

2nd thing when I view app info on store the back button has gone. Meaning I have to press the catagory button or search button to go back. Not a big problem, I'll put up with it seems my phonecworks faster.

Any thoughts?

Hi just a quick suggestion.CAPS LOCK FEATURE ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. Not sure if its at all possible but this would be really usefull. I guess it's impracticle to add a further button to the tight qwerty layout we have but as a thought, maybe a quick double press or hold of the Cap Button we already have to initiate caps lock. Would make my life a lot easier especially with captcha and "WHEN I NEED TO SHOUT AT PEOPLE VIA MESSAGE!" ;D

Think it's possible?

Archives / Re: Sugestion for Forum
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:35:36 PM »
I 2nd that marrussa, it's a right pain in the ar$e. Especially on my iPhone. ReCaptcha gets my vote....:)

Hi guys

I have been running wd5.0rc on my iphone 3G for a few months now, no major problems installing and running. I noticed today that wd 5.1 beta and wd 4.4.1 is now available on the whited00r site. Anyway i have tryed to install first 5.1 Normal. Itunes first scans the firmware no problem but then fails, Gives an error code (sorry did not record the code). After a couple of failed attempts i decided to try 4.4.1 Normal, i have been missing my ios4 apps anyways. The installation scans the firmware fine and then goes one step further waiting for iphone to start installation and then just sits there doing nothing. The load bar at the top just patterns up like when its waiting for communication between device and itunes. The phone just displays the connect to itunes screen. i also tryed this a couple of times. Any ideas whats happening? anything i can do to fix issue? I am back running ios 4.2.1 now as restore  :(

For your info using IPhone 3G on MB model number

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