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worked for me with wd6 - 3g it should stored in apptimemachine immediately!!!

Thanks very much for the link!
i already prepared my Apps to share with community. I will check versions first

 :) Thank your time SOLVED!!!
the link is down i had the same problem with wd5.1.2 but i did not post because of the upcoming new release and the alternative use of mywi.

as for the rest ... ok wrong translation (network - cellular) because the tab name is network and yes this is the three year position nothing changed on the position except the feature enable from the advanced setup. The world is not changing so fast  ;D and i am not so old :D

i am a volunteer in other forums (and maybe because the subject of my job) i believe that in troubleshooting topics we answer with straight answers only like yours and i am thankful for it again.Troubleshooting and may be  answers = mess
and again sorry but this is my opinion
Many thanks for this release!!! i regrate i did not back all my 3.1.3 software

wrong translation;). i will make more clear
tethering is not at the position in the menu it should be and was for the past 3 years.
there was a same problem with 3g at 5.1.2 but the link is down
any ideas?

After some restores the tethering option on Settings/Network is still missing ..

the link for WD5 soluttion is broken

p.s is it necessary to setup gmail with exchange and not with the default imap protocol ?
nice work

Thanks on advance

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