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Okay so i bought and borrowed a cable, so thats 2 different cables. It went into DFU mode but NOW it says send a usb comm error  ::) so then i tried downgrading resn0w and it recognizes it as a 3G instead of a 2G. and a regular iTunes restore asks for the sim card. any ideas?

Its not going into DFU mode at all! I've tried several times and nothing i doubt its any button or the timing its weird. suggestions to a program that will auto do it?

Another question why won't my macbook pro recognize it?

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So my friend has a an iPhone 4S that he found, and he asked me to look into a way of getting it to work, at first i thought that i could bypass the lock by downgrading it to iOS 6.0 on redsn0w but 4S's are not supported on redsn0w because it hasn't been updated it forever. Then i remembered Pangu jailbreaks iOS 7+ but it won't jailbreak its not past the  screen, furthermore useless for this moment. I then went on google to see if there was any software that didn't have surveys because everyone hates surveys to get software but long story short.. Help?

Yeah basically like if it was a jailbreak, because you can damage your phone like if it was a jailbreak even though its just a beta

Whats up guys been a while since I've been on here, but i was wondering since there are available versions of iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite for Mac of course Beta versions i was wondering because i am currently running iOS 8 or should i say was running it on my iPhone 5 but since its not tethered i was wondering if you guys had heard of a untethered version or in other words it won't delete when the phone is turned off via the regular shut down or if the battery dies (which is how i lost mine). Thanks in advanced

I'm guessing those were a failure as well?

So you happen to know which ones are the ones that support them?

I'm guessing that applies to all google based apps like infinite SMS

What's up guys! quick question, does anyone know if the google voice app support emojis or I'm just not getting them.

So i recently got a sprint iPhone 4 and i didn't know you couldn't get a prepaid service from sprint directly so I've been trying to find one ad i did i found one called Page Plus only one that'll take it, my question is do you need to jailbreak the phone to flash it? i don't really know what you guys know about all this but its worth a try to ask right?

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Oooh damn that's legit I was wondering this myself.

Are you talking about changing the "Slide to Unlock" text on the lockscreen?

Man! I liked echofon though:/ the official twitter app doesn't open all the time though

Yeah I have

I only have 2

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