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hey... anyone who has access to WD currently, is there an im app that allows group cahts. i remember fring and im+ but don't remember if the support group chats.

Its me again.
This time i have a few suggestions.
1. Tips app. The latest ios 8 beta introduced a standalone tips app which is supposed to teach users some basic stuff. Here at WD, we definately need one because just look at the forums and how many "how to" posts exist. All the way from cracking apps via clutch and inserting the push certificate.
We do need it.
2. WD browser. To replace safari because i simply have stopped using it and im sure everyone else has too. Replacement? The in-app browsers found in apps the likes of twitter and those download managers. Those browsers work but safari doesnt. What im saying is take the in-app browser and turn it into a safari replacement.
3. There exists a setting of restrictions. A tab of "app store" exists there. Because app store is broken for 3.1.3, i suggest is to hook it to hide atm app instead. Why? The same reason apple put the hide app store in the first place.

This is incredible. Atm probably doesnt have as many apps as you have in your collection. We need to mobilise and help put all of them on the Atm. For everyone's good.
This is one of those moments when the atm guys were supposed to lend their work of checking the apps for integrity et al to the community for peer review so that we can get them public fast. Hope someone in WD administration sees this as an opportunity to make it a real crowdsourced event.

Its another of my boring posts on the WD forum again. Last time too was a bit over the top but i think i have figured it out.
Lets get it straight, the developers of WD are all entirely awesome. That said, we have always attempted to copy the higher ios onto the older devices with an impressive success.
It was yesterday night that scouring yahoo search, came across a search term that really caught my attention. "open source ios apps".
There are practically hundreds of apps with their source code for the world to use and make better things. Got me thinking, how about we use these apps to build function into our devices and also since most of there apps are not on the ATM, it would'nt be wrong if we remade them.
1. Itunes radio. Everyone is asking for it, last.Fm has its source code open for public, why not use it to build ourselves one.
2. Reminders. Saw an app, a to do app that has a billion times more function than the WD reminders app, why not reskin it and replace it as a stock app?
3. Many forum apps that should work to heta native WD forum app.
4. News app one that used rss and other that uses facebook to show updates, news. Wont that work as an easy way to push important updates to all the devices.
5. My suggestion is to stop working to get big big stuff like the notification center to the os because all new things will always bloat up the ram, instead focus on ironing out as many bugs, ui and adding functionality to the stock apps.
Maybe even add more apps as stock ones (i think more stock apps should not affect the resident os. Right?)
there probably must be dozens of open source camera apps, why not completly replace the stock camera for a simple yet functional camera app? Same goes for notes and calendar.
6. Backup. Backup. Backup.
Look, before someone cuts me short by saying stuff cant be done, what about cycorder. Agreed it needs a facelift but it works. Thats functionality im talking about bringing to other apps as well.
Thank you

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Re: Whited00r 8 ideas
« on: June 03, 2014, 12:45:31 PM »
People apple introduced ios 8 yesterday and for the first time i consider WD to be more important for me atleast. Not that the new os is in any way bad or anything but just i dont have to money to buy an iphone 5s. Simple as that. Here we keep old devices which should stay alive, alive and that is something i want to do. Make it better. Now that apple opened up the keyboard api, i think maybe here we too should think about implementing certain things into the next iteration of our os. As i had previously written about the ATM, we should start making it more akin to the official app store and that means the "top girl" app has to go. By the way, who uploaded that app in the first place. Cant imagine kids finding it and that deceiving app icon. Please do good for the community and ask the guys to nuke it. I for one subscribe to the jobs' vision of a "world free of porn" and so should our os be. Porn or not, its not a good app.  We have set high standards of code and ethics and i advocate WD community to take a strong action apps and even similar ideas. Anyways, about time we talk WD 8.
Lets see, interactive notifications, not hoping for anything with the keyboard so forget that. Although it would be just a ui tweak if the keyboard letters went white. Okay. About time we start taking sara seriously, open it up. Let nobita open its knowledge base to WD developers or even members of the community, we could manually write responses or code it to do more or even understand better. That probably would take a community as a whole. As i just said about ATM,  editors choice should be a good start. Airdrop? Well ibluenova. Make it part of the advanced settings if you will. If we dont have the old backup utility that existed before, why not make a tethered option. Everyone has a pc and copying a backup file from the iphone should not be a problem. Safari? Is there no way to put a better javascript engine? Not expecting anything with the widgets and all. Ibooks. Stanza is pretty enough so not much anyone could do there. App control. The privacy controls in higher ios versions. They do exist in ios 3.1.3 but it doesnt have a "contacts lock" et al. I dont want to let viber or facebook upload all my contacts where i have no control over them. Oh, there are hundreds of workable tweaks spread over myrepospace and others. Why not test them and put them in repodoor with that warning thingy. Yes the free ones although would it hurt if the developer of any tweak has seized work and paying for the tweak wont be an option. There must be my of such tweaks im sure.
Well that sums up my WD feature request. These are all i could make up while reading ars liveblog over opera mini running on a nokia n70.

mhveinvp  he wouldn't know anything about micromax it is a cheap indian phone it not available in England  :P
 I am using whited00r to escape from dumb android (I do own galaxy s2 thrown someware in the house ) so please NO ANDROID :P ;)
I suppose it could be easily purchased online. For a b-grade indian cheap manufacturing. Ha. Anyways my point here is we as ios people have to keep away from android.
Lets just consider for a moment. WHY WOULD YOU WANT ANDROID ON AN iPhone? ". Forget being able to. Why in the first place. That goes against the founding principles of ios. You dont do that. IDevices are pure. Keep it that way. And i would request everyone to not talk about android. Why? Because WD is only to push ios forward. Make it accessible, make it free. There is no place for android.
Thank you

No no no. You dont talk android to ios people. There is no need to ever have android on an idevice. If you want an android, just buy a cheap samsung or micromax or whatever. There is a reason why we still use and work on old obsolete iphones when we could very easily buy the cheapest android which will supposedly give us access to the best of the" google open android world" but we dont. We people are ios people. Please dont ask how to do android. This is not the place and you should rather throw your 3g in the oven than installing android because the 3g would die of shame. Dont let that happen. Give it a fair chance to serve you and when you are done with that, destroy it before installing android.

as i said, there is no way for me to use paypal. I did go looking for it but got nothing.

we dont have paypal in india. I dont mind shelling 65 bucks but i cannot in any way possible. Mastercard maybe?

Well thank you.
What my argument against android is that the open nature of it gives a lot of power to people who should not have it. Plus the stock google services, gives me the chills. You know i dont have a gmail a/c, my search engine is not google, i use nokia maps, no youtube a/c, no google apps, no chrome installed on any of my dozen pcs or a couple of idevices, use bing translator, no google talk or google earth and if that wasnt enough have set up rules on "ipfirewall" for the iphones and noscript for my pc firefox to prevent all requests from adwords.Google.Com and analytics.Google.Com and fonts.Google.Com and basically a blanket *.Google.Com.
Look, im not even starting to scratch the surface here, i have a "No android devices allowed beyond this point" on my front door. It pisses a lot of people but thats what it is.
I could go about talking how android is practically stealing peoples lives (read google) but suffice to say ios is better with what it is and people should not expect ios to be android.
Thank you for reading. (i havent yet found a human who wears a tin foil hat as big as mine but my search continues ;-) )

Did i sound rude? I did sound rude. Sorry. Am terribly sorry if i did. Just ignore the harsh words, was in an argument with someone and i put all that in the reply. Sorry again. My bad. Wont happen again

Hey. Its a small idea which apple has never gotten around but WD might be able to do it. We all have old iphones and many of us have kids around the home "our kids or in family" who go about playing with the old iphones. Problem is how to keep them from accessing the internet (for a bit older ones) because all seem to know about data toggle and i have hated this for years now and am sure many have too. My suggestion is to put a master toggle under the control of restrictions so they cannot just fiddle around. OTH, this feature would also work for people with stupid friends.
Also the WD customise setting should also have option under restrictions because you dont want people to mess around there.
Oh, a stock ios 3.1.3 bug that i remember from a long time ago was that if we would hide any app in restrictions but keep the spotlight "search for apps" on, it would bypass all restrictions. Never tested it on WD so if it exists there, do try to plug it.

Wait wait wait. You can do that? Change a .App stock app? I mean i made a webapp for the iphone and have wanted a .Ipa or a .Deb for it but havent been able to. (broke and windows) stock .App didnt come to my mind. Is it easy to do that? Can it be distributed?
Uh, i kinda figured that out last august-ish and did download a lot of apps that way. Guilty as charged. Currently im away from home and do not have to either my pc or even an iphone so i cant say. Havent gotten a chance to for the past 5 months (studying away from home.)

going back to stock 3.1.3? You dont have appsync installed. Right? Head over to mit0 repo, get it and yor apps should install good

Dont the ATM guys have even a single account here in WD forum? Like here we directly interact with the devs and other users but why are they being so secretive? Time? Not sure that is a valid argument because i spend over 90 hours a week in class and many more in my dorm and im sure no one here is not busy with anything so why?  Spam is a big issue, im aware of that. (having dealt with it for years now) couldnt we just counter the problem like volunteer to check for spam, only a small team, so the atm team would send a block of apps and they would weed out a lot of junk. Call it an extension of the atm team. If their manpower is limited, why dont they outsource it to some responsible people? Why wont that work right off the bat? About those server side broken apps i know the app do work but the dont work also. My argument is to keep broken apps from general circulation untill there is a fix of any kind because untill it works from the server having it on your phone wont do any good and if some day they magically start working, just let them back for people to download them.
Aside from all this, how difficult no how "time consuming" is to convert an html webapp into a native by using an old xcode? I dont know, i have windows so never really tried that. What im hoping for and it hit me the other day remember apple.Com has a section in the iphone for webapps. Now, i have used them a lot but native would be good. Also the recent news of was that a gba player for both jailbroken and non jailbroken iphones gave me the heads up that why dont we use those configuration profiles to distribute apps like the ones i said about. Im no expert here but it should work. Right?

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