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This happened after I disabled and enabled homescreen wallpaper.

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Supported devices So don't ask for support for other devices ;)
Whited00r has always been, and always will be only for the following devices due to a number of reasons:

-iPod touch 1G
-iPod touch 2G (MB/PB model confirmed for now)
-iPhone 2G
-iPhone 3G

Any other devices are not in consideration to add support for in whited00r ever.  Other projects do exist to support other devices, but are not directly affiliated with whited00r (or as high quality as it/supported as much via development).  Nothing is in the works in terms of other projects for devices other than the ones listed above. Please don't ask for them, because we already know there is a large demand for that, we just don't have the time/experienced personnel to spare at the moment.  :(
Sorry  :(

We really really really want to surprise everyone and have official threads out and an updated website when the time comes, so that we don't get a bunch of threads started now that will just clutter up the forums with speculation and stuff that will be obsolete and not help out people when it is officially released ;)

Flat, beautiful home page and something like the iOS 7 settings app for the forum.  8)

I've tried using all versions of iReb to no avail, got errors 1600, 1602, 1604 (iphone 3g)

Doing it witg Redsn0w however worked. This tutorial definitely worked for me

You do a DFU and jailbreak with RedSn0w 0.9.6b4, by only selecting “Just enter pwned DFU mode" in the jailbreak options.
Then do the restore in iTunes.
Was that necro-bump really necessary?

Amateur Developers / Re: [PUBLIC BETA] BetterFolders for iOS 3
« on: December 14, 2013, 02:26:39 AM »
Workin' on it btw ;)
Camera taking a picture of a camera recording a video. Whew.

Hello Peoples, I'm New To Forum. Few Suggestions,

 Whited00r 6 Bugs I came across
             -  With Multitasking Cant Delete Any Apps.
             -  Not Unlocking When Pressed Home Button After a Reboot
             -  Cant Get iOS 4.2.1 Apps, I Use Ipod Touch 2g , Running iOS 3.1.3. So, there may be Separate firmwares
             -  Re-spring is not Working With Cydia

        ( If Anything you know already Please Ignore

  These Things May Be Fixed In Whited00r 7.

So? Whited00r Will have appearance of iOS 7?


1. There isn't multitasking on WD6.

2. Hard reset has always worked for me. I suggest you try it as well.

3. Whited00r provides the look and feel of more recent iOS firmware found in iOS 5 & iOS 6 and includes several speed up tweaks, custom features normally not available for our older devices like internet tethering (using your iPhone as a modem for your laptop or computer or WiFi tablet), Springboard folders, etc & some special apps. It does NOT however provide the capability to run apps that requires iOS higher than the much faster & less taxing iOS 3.1.3. There is no way to make them work, sorry! (Taken from FAQ)


The best practice when seeing the "Restart SpringBoard" button bar in Cydia after downloading & installing an app or tweak that requires a Respring is to simply press the Home button to shutdown Cydia and reboot your device buy turning it off and back on again manually.

If you are a Whited00r 6 user, you can go to > Settings > General > scroll down to the bottom of the tab and tap Respring.

There is a bug currently in Cydia for devices running any iOS under 4: it gets stuck in an infinite Respring loop with the wheel going on for ever until your battery dies.

If this happens to you and you get stuck in the Cydia Respring loop the solution is to do a Hard Reset:

Hard Reset often solve many problems: hold both Home & Power buttons until the Apple logo appears and let go of the buttons & smell the roses while it is doing it's thing.

No worries, hard reset will not change any of your info, tweaks & apps on the device.

Tried to backup my data, got this instead.

Edit by bcooperizcool to provide more keywords in the title :)

This isn't official, however I'm expecting WD7 to come out sometime this month, mostly because previous Whited00r versions have been announced and released this month.

Again, this is just my guestimate and should NOT be taken as an official release date.

Because if you can't tell already, iOS 4 has smoother animations than iOS 3 (Smoother opening animation, smoother scrolling, etc etc..)
But seriously, is it possible to port these animations, and if so, how?

Seriously though, was that necro-bump really necessary?

Top - WD6
Bottom - 3.1.3
I can post a screenshot with a whiter background on WD6 if you want me to.

The one in whited00r 6 is like the one from 3.1.3 I thought?   The top and bottom bar haven't changed at all from 3.1.3 to 7x?  (unless they have by getting slightly darker?)
I'll post a screenshot of the differences between WD6 and iOS 3.1.3

EDIT: That is, after I make a restore to 3.1.3 and hacktivate it.

A good idea but I think the setup tool in WD7 might get a huge overhaul like in WD5 -> WD6
I have a feeling it would be the same, but with a redesign.

Title says it all. How do I make my lockscreen on WD6 more transparent, like in stock 3.1.3?

An option to put ATM, Cydia and Appstore on the springboard in terminal setup.

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