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Appsync is pre-installed on all firmwares right?

Do I still need Xcode?

Ok im gonna install theos on my iphone tomorrow gonna go to bed now...

Hi Whited00r. I am not actually new here but I would like to start developing apps for whited00r. Where do I start? I know how to write in objective-c but I dont have a mac to use Xcode. No luck for me?

Edit by bcooperizcool to provide relevant keywords in the title :)

Turning on auto-brightness might help.

Man, if only it could be simple to get working iOS 3 apps everything would be great!
Edit: oops \, figured out it does not allow free calls

I'm having installation errors here. Weeks ago I installed Whited00r 6 on my iPhone 3G and now I'm having errors.
I have used the same process. Downgrade to 3.1.2> Jailbreak with Blackra1n> Use iReb> Shift+Click to the Whited00r 6 firmware.

NOO DONT DONT DONT CLOSE THE THREAD!!!! i still need the ios 3xx version of it. :(
i downgraded to 3.1.3 and the app required 4.1 and above. maybe CobraClutch has it but idk

i dont have enough time to individually upload every single app and make several links :(
i am also having problems :( i use my iphone 3g alot and i will crack some of the apps on my iPad...
i just dont have enough time to upload them tonight but i will do my best to upload them.

Could you crack it and upload it here please so it can be added to the App Time Machine? :)
its already cracked, but its ios 4.0+ only :(

nvm. i already have it. delete the thread please

its 11.40 gb.
Opera Mini and iBeer are out of the list, added Shazam, Viber, Modern Combat 1, Brothers in Arms 1 & 2, and Terminator Salvation.

All in all it's 115 apps. And 12.69 GB's. I'm going to finalize everything today and upload it tomorrow morning. Sorry I have a very slow upload speed.

Added iBooks and Dungeon Hunter.

I have not used it on Whited00r, but, I don't think it will mess up anything on your device.

It says "you must be root to use Clutch"
Add the source:
And download crackulous.
The cracked apps are stored on var/root/documents/cracked

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