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« on: December 10, 2010, 04:04:50 PM »
Hi sir matt...may i know what is the name of the app/tweak/mod that you use for lock orientation on whited00r firmware?..thanks!..


another whited00r wannabe like blackdooor and cydia ultimate..i think he is also a member of this whited00r forum..he said that he will also make folders (releasing date is dec 20) but i think he will just copy darlo's folders..i really don't believe this guy..he even said one of his video that people should avoid whited00r firmware.. :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

Quote from: "locke"
the applesomething (lol) blog says that:

Folders on iOS 3? Soon it will be possible!
On December 2, 2010, in Cydia, Jailbreak, News, iPhone, iPod Touch, by Stephen Iaccarino
One of the most important changes implemented by Apple with an update to iOS 4 was able to organize your applications into folders. The system of Folders simple and easy, allowing users to Organizing a limited number of applications in folders called "smart" because they will be automatically renamed according to the app contained within. Well, according to reported Blog WhiteD00r, a project that aims to create a custom firmware with all the features of native iOS 4 for all the devices that were denied to the new firmware update will soon be possible to also enable Folders on iOS 3.

The developers have indicated that the porting of the function Folders on devices upgraded to firmware 3.x was successful and it will be possible thanks to the installation of a special tweak based on the Mobile Substrate. However, even if the tweak is already completed, the developer does not plan to release it until it has received a certain sum of money through the donation system, which will outweigh the efforts in development.

The tweak, which at first should have been released in Cydia fee Store will be available free of charge, provided they meet the conditions outlined above.

Below we publish a video in which shows the operation of the tweak on a first-generation iPod Touch, this confirms the authenticity of the project and for the proper functioning of the Folders on iOS 3.

A nice thread, i bet it will get attention of more people = more donations, the guys was nice to do this tho :P

Sir darlo should not be angry to those people posting vids,info about his amazing folders like applizing did eventhough its improper for not asking permission..he is just trying to help to spread the good can help to promote the whited00r site and the app itself..and more donations will come along the way.. just my opinion..:roll:  :roll:  :roll:

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