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Can you fix redd00r repo plz :(

any news? when it going to fix?

thank you

PierreP moderator note 2013-07-31:
Redd00r is really buggy and old and does NOT work anymore. We recommend waiting for an update that will be announced after the next Whited00r update. Sorry, we cannot give a release date yet so please do not ask.

Meanwhile, you can try bcooperizcool's Archetype -- Custom firmware package for every iOS


Original post:

Redd00r repo is down someone please fix it, I need redd00r!! :'(

hey there

i have just downloaded and installed whitdoor 6
great work! very fast OS

but i have no facebook? taking videos is not possible, emoji from other devices are not working :/

no cydia pre installed?

Cydia is in APP MARKET

Use Whited00r unlock l version
not normal version.

Hmm... How about downgrading your iTunes? Maybe iTunes 11 doesn't support that iPod of yours? (Just guessing) :O

have you try to JB ipod 2g MC with itunes 11 or any body try it yet?

i can restore my ipod with itunes 11 but when i put it in DFU, itunes doesn't detecting.

Yes, i have try switching usb cords and USB ports
i have only one computer so i can not try

everything work with my iphone4 but why not ipod (ipod have a clean restore)

itunes 11 do not detecting my ipod 2g mc in dfu but it can detecting when it not in dfu.
i can't jailbreak because Redsn0w can't detecting my ipod 2g mc in dfu  but it can detecting when it not in dfu :(

i try itunes and Redsn0w with my iphone 4 everything work fine

i am using windows 7 64bit

Please help

It won't work because whited00r ios3.1.3 based and if you are on ios4 or higher you need SHSH blobs to downgrade

No, if you use sn0wbreeze to make 3.1.3 ipsw you don't need SHSH on ipod2g MC. I do this all the time it work fine without SHSH  :D

(Sorry for my bad English) :-\

Redd00r - Archive / Re: someone plz give me a link for Wdimessage
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:25:58 PM »
plz = Please

Redd00r - Archive / someone plz give me a link for Wdimessage
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:41:10 AM »
someone please give me a link  for Wdimessage.deb

(plz = Please)

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