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Simply open up cydia and search for then install "FakeCarrier", then open that up and it is easy enough from there :)


Hey i want to change my carrier name While using Whited00r am i able to do it and if i can i want the instructions please :) thanks

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My iPhone 3G runs WD 6 Normal. I had downloaded WhatsApp from the AppTimeMachine and then installed it.
And it just worked ?? :D

Whited00r is and always will be based on iOS 3.1.3, for apps you get the latest version that was avaiable for iOS 3 with apptimemachine, wich can be found exclusively in whited00r 6 App Market application.
i know . :) i am asking him coz he said at first that some apps he cant get  :)

I want typing maniac if someone have it please upload it for me thanks. :D

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WhatsApp on my iPhone works good when it comes to text chatting. On other hand I can't send photos for about a week or two. It shows the beginning of the sending process with the status bar but the last doesn't load and after short time it returns me "sending failed" error.
Would you please help me fixing that?

A little question    how did you use whatsapp on whited00r ? :D

Hey your ios version is 3.1.3 too on whited00r 5 right ?
then what app updates cant you get ? :)

Anway i asked if someone already have it here and can give it to me ;)

Yes i know the version   it is v1.1 :)

Guys if someone have this app I really want it Please  :)   

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Hey If you have this apps do you mind giving me 2 of them ? :D

Spider man total mayham and Iron man 2 . :) I'll be glad.

Is it possible I need the best instructions to change to redd00r coz i want apps that are higher than 3.1.3 but now higher than 4.2.1/4.1

So i found that redd00r works with 4.2.1 firmware which should make me able to get those things so Just need ful instructions and correction to my answers .

ok thanks so much ill try to get the versions anyway i asked if someone already have any of them :) thanks

I need

- Zynga poker

- subway surfers

- world of warcraft armory

- Germs

- Wurdle

- Tango

-Any flashplaying browser that can open flash

Please if you can get any of this apps pm me thanks ! :))

I cant background more that 1 application    / and with pes i cant even background it alone

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