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Can we even port Eden World builder ( minecraft alternative ) the game was in ios 3.2
since we are ios 3.1 family can we make it work in our ios ? ??? ???

U can even get SBsettings in cydia so u can edit your Phone carrier name and wifi
(this app even can make your ios life difficult

OHHH Thanks for telling me then  ;D ;D ;D

Hi guys Merwin here I just want to share some tweaks that I found that are compatible with
ios 3.1.3 or Whited00r

Tweak List
to get this tweaks install this cydia sources

1.Multiwall - you can put different wallpapers on different pages

2.SBsettings-goodbye to your with this tweak it can make your ios life easier
                     it can free your RAM too ^^
3.Barrel-insert effects on your springboard and make it awesome
              you can find the tweak in Whited00r forum

4.applocker- lock your apps

5.Battery Control Premium  - customize your battery in a different way

6.Safari download manager - download Debs using safari with this tweak or apps
   to install them directly ( Apps=Apptime machine download folder) and (Debs in using Ifile) ^^

7.Gridlock - place your icons everywhere ^^

8.Activator - make shortcuts using this to make anything easier

9.WinterBoard- insert themes to your device to make it cooler

10.Insomnia-make your wifi active even your device is asleep

11.Ifile-browse to your devices system files

12.Cyfix- fixes bugs or errors on your Cydia sources

13.Android lock XT - make your lockscreen into a patternize lock
            search in youtube : Android Lock for ios 3 and u will find a video on how to get it

14.Infinidock - u can put icons in your dock always it has no limits its infinity

15.infinifolder - u can place many icons in any folder and brake their barrier XD

(INFINIDOCK and INFINIFOLDER) u can get them from : source

I hope u like these tweaks ^^ reply if u need any help ;D ;D ;D

and can I ask u a question
: everytime I add a source from myrepospace I can't see packages because of an error failed to fetch a package pls help me solve this problem I can't get INFINIDOCK or INFINIFOLDER for ios 3
pls help me

FREE TO REPLY 8) 8) 8)

PierreP Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in Whited00r 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

is there even a lower version of this apps on ios 3.1.3 ? ???

 ;)  I want to suggest for some new features in Whited00r  8)
-Cydia Respring problem fix
-Improve ios 3 folders
-Bluetooth stack fix  ( anyother people encounter can't open bluetooth
-more features ^^
-airplane mode ( airplane mode own icon )
-multitasking more useful ( can kill processing apps and music player )
-multitasking repair ( no respring toggle on other devices in multitasking bar )
-Have many tweaks for Whited00r next generation available
-fixes folder renaming ( after renaming a folder click outside then it will go to safe mode )
( other counter this error , I encounter this error in my iTouch 2g )
-improve puch notification
-fix Siri ( sometimes it can't do commands other people encounter this )

That's all  ;)
I like Whited00r so I wanna make it greater than others
Whited00r is my favorite firmware to use  so I wanna spread this to my friends
and make it greater greater ^^  8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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