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hi guys...can you tell me some useful source for Ipad air....and how to enable massage and phone call on it??? ;)

hi guys...I always can see and install 30 or 40 app from 500 games in game part in apptime machine ...I can not refresh the page to see another apps.....

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i found it....guizmovpn.....but it work on ios4 and only 7 days....

Blackdoor do not respect to their users....we are waiting for WD8 but blackdoor did not release BD7...and what is bl4ckrain7????

Hi every one....i recognize that why whited00r is the best firmware ...and famous...because all of their development and admins are respect to their users and be active while they are very busy.....i thank you very much WHITED00R ....keep go on....

hi every one...sorry for choosing bad bad place for my topic....i am looking for free vpn IP on my iphone 3g...but non of them are working...for example : Getusvpn----superfreeVPN...UK server...but... :'( :( and now i want help from you to find good vpn and free for my iphone 3g

thank you very much.......:)

no i am looking for ios4.2.1 ...i love whited00r but because of crashing call coming i change it to ios 4.2.1..i have important call-coming...from my work and hospital.. ;)

Hello, I am looking for the best video recorder app for my iphone 3g..please help me to find..... ;)

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thank you very much for helping....akoul_mmbl -- Bruan :)

thank you very much for helping and changing my tapic  ;) :) i test many browser app to access those sites but not working ...:) but my old mobile phone ( SonyEricsson  w810i) can access to facebook or youtube by third party ibrowser or opera or other.... ;) :D but my iphone 3g.... :'( :(

thank you...but all apps that i know are not compatible with my iphone 3g.....i need app or vpn connection (low speed)

Hi every one...first of all IRAN Facebook and tweeter ad you tube are filter....and I am looking for an app like opendoor or puffin that I access to those sites by my iphone device...please help me to find an app like those...thank you very much

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Thank you bruan,
you completely Convince me at all...:)

Hi guys, All of the suggestions are very well,and i have some suggestions :
1- i want to use android lock screen but i can....can you update and stable the lock screen on WD8?
2-improve battery percentage ...and status bar is not same as ios7 ....
3-improve the assistive touch that i  now must use Quick Do too....
4-please let us to choose the app in the control center in setting...
5-put running app in the ios 7 recent app-switcher...
6-improve sara...
7-improve a little animation...
Thank you for your attention and your efforts  to make us happy...

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