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lol im so blonde
your totally right I needed to scroll to the top to find the ok button
now 1 last question originally it had scrabble when i first try to install that but couldnt find the ok button
now that is not showing anymore even though I have done a search
im also trying to find the game 4 pictures 1 word
is there somewhere else I can click on to view all games?
As im being offered about 20
App time machine DOES NOT have all the apps that appstore has, App time machine simply has old apps that support OS 3.1.3 and lower. 4pics1word did not exist at that time.

How about a Game Center-like application.

Alright :) In the meantime, you can use Redsn0w to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone if you need it for service :)
Changed my mind and decided to try some older WD versions (WD 5.2.1). I had full bars of service on that, and then I installed WD6 and BOOM, No service, 5.13.04. Both were the unlocked versions.

1. What's your iTunes version?
2. Did you shift-restore?
3. Did you restore in Pwned DFU?
4. What iOS version were you before restoring?

I'm serious.

Well, after boot everything just lags. As in, when I open a stock app, the opening animation is chunky and websites take ages, but that just may be due to the age of the iPhone. Even after a while it still lags, so it isn't just due to booting up.

I'll say, install Fakeclockup, and increase the animation speed by 1.4-2.0, and install Power Control to overclock your device. Also, you could install SBSettings to clear all your ram.

To be perfectly honest, I've encountered some serious slowness with WD6 lately. Which is strange, because when I first put it on it was fine. And I haven't added any tweaks to it or anything... I think that previous versions of WD should still be up for DL. :P Because I loved WD5.
What do you mean by slow, as in loading speed, animation speed or ?

Now that the ios7 is out there... And i had the ocasion to take a gd look to it... I can say the biggest improvement for wd7 will be the io7 interface if u can make the springboard look like ios7 it will be a start bonus and also can u add something like sbsetting from the start that will be very usefull and just bring a new stylelish look to the wd7... And also something like a new lock screen unlock will rule!!!  I hope to see the wd7 asap think that if u try enought it will be awsome... But make it more awsome than wd6 :p :)))
Claudiu Iphone 3g user
Some staff have dropped hints about WD7, and something tells me that it will be better than WD6.

No problem  ;D  I think everyone wants to know that ;)  All shall be revealed in time :)
The anticipation is KILLING me  :)

Okay, seriously though, I finally got 6.15.00 using Redsn0w 9.6rc15

EDIT: And I've downgraded the baseband. I just finished the "Restore to iPhone OS 3.1.3" stage. I'll wait for when WD7 comes out, and then I will install whited00r on that.

Here's my suggestion: Release it ASAP! (=

New suggestions! iOS 7 ringtones + A big disclaimer saying that Whited00r isn't actually iOS 7, because I'm tired of searching up whited00r on youtube, and most of the results are "H0W T0 G3T i0S 6 0N UR [insert supported devices here]".

There is something wrong with your device then :(  You have used all the methods and tutorials we have accumulated over the years.  Your baseband simply isn't changing, making me think it may be hardware instead of software (as it really really should have changed by now).

I have iTunes, if that helps at all.

ohhhh... well then something really isn't right.  Restoring to the 4.2.1 with the iPad baseband will always upgrade your baseband to 06.15.00 :o

No, 05.15.04 is not unlockable with Redsn0w. :( 

You can try this thread as it has you make a custom 4.2.1 firmware on the spot, as well as what seems like a new step by using a different Redsn0w version to upgrade the baseband:
[Solved] iPhone 3G Free Unlock Baseband 05.15.04 05.14.02 - No Service Searching

Still 5.15.04...

Still not getting what you do :(
1. So, your baseband is not right.
2. You restore to the custom 4.2.1 with 06.15.00 baseband from the downgrade tutorial.
3. It restores without error in iTunes.
4. It boots straight into PWNED DFU mode (or most likely just DFU mode)
5. Not being able to check the baseband in that firmware because it is in PWNED DFU mode, you restore again? This time to what firmware?  Just the normal restore button in iTunes without choosing a firmware?
1. Baseband is not right.
2. Boot into Pwned DFU
3. Restore to the 4.2.1 iPad baseband firmware.
4. It restores without error in iTunes.
5. I check the baseband in settings>about.
6. Baseband isn't right.
7. And the cycle continues.

EDIT: Also, is 5.15.04 unlockable with Redsn0w?

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