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So you restore to the firmware twice?  Once after Redsn0w/iReb says you are in PWNED DFU mode, and then you restore. Then after it completes (without error?), you restore again as it boots you into PWNED DFU mode?

Sorry if I keep asking weird/repetitive questions :( Really never had anything like this here, and I want to make sure I understand completely in case I am missing something obvious ;)
No, I check my baseband, and if it isn`t the baseband I`m looking for, then I restore.

EDIT: Also, it`s like 11:40 PM here, night.

Yes, that is.  You should have put your device into PWNED DFU first, then restored to the custom firmware.  After that, it should have rebooted into the correct firmware with a changed baseband.  Going into PWNED DFU mode instead makes me think either iTunes is giving an error and you are missing it, or the install failed.  What do you do after it boots into PWNED DFU mode?
Exit redsn0w or iReb, depending on what I`m using (Redsn0w, in this case), open up iTunes and shift-restore to iPhone1,2_4.2.1_for_6.15.00_baseband

The baseband doesn't change unless you change it.  (Which you seem unable to do :( ).

You can't downgrade it by simply restoring/hacktivating.  You can restore to a firmware that has a lower baseband, but you keep the higher baseband if you have it on your device (if you are restoring to 3.1.3. You can't restore to stock 4.x if you have 06.15.00).
Again, the phone just seems to factory reset itself instead of actually the iPad baseband firmware. I have no idea why it worked for the first time.
Does Pwned DFU play an aspect to this, because every time I restored, I would boot into Pwned DFU

Restoring to the custom 4.2.1 firmware should only jailbreak you at most, and most certainly give you the 06.15.00 baseband.  Same with upgrading the baseband to 06.15.00 manually via redsn0w :o
S`pose I`ll just downgrade to 3.1.3, hacktivate it and see if that gives me a better baseband.

EDIT: NOPE, 5.15.04

Well then for some reason, it seems you cannot upgrade or downgrade your baseband anymore.  It may be a hardware issue, which is also why you do not get any service either/weak signal... :(

You have done all the steps/combinations people do to get a different baseband :(
Actually, it seems to have just factory-reset back to before I used WD. You know, jailbreaking with redsn0w, and adding wallpapers and all that crap.

It never once upgraded to 06.15.00?
It did, that was back in my Pre-WD days, and when I downgraded my baseband for the first time.

The one that says "iPhone1,2_4.2.1_for_06.15.00_baseband.ipsw"?   Then that really should be upgrading your baseband.  If you are on 4.2.1, instead of using the firmware to get you to the 06.15.00 baseband you can use Redsn0w (same one from the tutorial) to upgrade the baseband under "Extras", and then after that downgrade it using the button that now says "Dowgrade from iPad BB".
I did both methods, and got 5.15.04

You are shift+clicking restore and choosing the custom 4.2.1 firmware right?
Yes, I am.

And then I try to install the firmware with the iPad baseband on it... I get 5.15.04, a homescreen wallpaper, multitasking and cydia. WHATS GOING ON?
(I tried to upgrade to the iPad baseband to downgrade again, but I keep getting 5.15.04, and I've already tried countless times. It doesn't seem to install the firmware, all it does is just factory reset.

The only troubleshooting I really could suggest is what I said before :(  (upgrading the baseband to what most people have).  Even from searching the forums, there isn't anything relevant to what you have issue wise :(
So I follow the guide again, and that by chance I would come across a 5.13.xx?

If you can live without service until then... :(   I do want to help solve this though, just the troubleshooting I have done over the years hasn't had anything like this :(
I do have a backup phone, Samsung Galaxy Gio. However, it just has crappy battery life, which is why I decided to use my iPhone instead, which also means that I can still text and all that. S'pose I'll just wait for WD7, and see if anything changes.

Sometimes it does (although it is supposed to all the time, people normally don't get it).
Let's just call it solved for now. When WD7 comes out, I will install WD7 and see if I get service. If not, then I will continue this thread.

Unfortunately that requires restoring a couple times :( Basically, follow the iPhone 3G baseband downgrade tutorial.   You may be one of the people who are lucky and can get the baseband you did, although I really don't know why it didn't work for you :(  It technically should have, and you did everything correct. It just isn't working.
I thought that only gives you 5.12.01, though.

I'm really not sure, it should give you more than one bar, and definitely should be giving you signal :(  Last thing I really can think of is doing what I said and getting the 05.13.04 baseband :(
So... How do I upgrade my baseband to 5.13.04?

Do you still have ultrasn0w removed?  Try re-installing it and maybe it will work, it could have been a feature that somehow conflicted with ultrasn0w (unheard of, but possible).
I'll also try uninstalling all of my cydia tweaks, reinstall ultrasn0w. I'll post my progress later.

EDIT: Well, that didn't seem to work. The only tweaks I have now are Ultrasn0w, SBSettings and iOS3 Multitasking (Repod00r)

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