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THATS THE only version i found ... hope it helps

the charging port isn't the issue.... i think...
cauz the iphone charges but slow & it dont detect the usb input..

 i mean if the battery is 5% and i plug it all night.... then in the morning it would be 100%

first of all welcome to whited00r community...
 almost all the apps from itunes store dont support ios 3.1.3.
 but luckily there's app time machine included in whited00r... which has almost all the apps compatible with ios 3.1.3 ...
  so u can open it and download any app u want,. its free nd compatible,,,,,

apps like... work anymore on ios 3.1.3 or whited00r..

besides these if u need any other app.. just search the form .. of if that app ain't available then just start  a new topic..tell the app name & the last compatible version of that app...
our moderators will find the  IPA of the app if possible :)
enjoy WHITED00R AND PROMOTE IT....   ;) ;) :)

If they base whited00r 8 on something other than 3.1.3 than hopefully we can get Bluetooth stereo headphones to work once and for all on the iPhone 2g.
it is impossible cauz .. iphone 2g only support ios till 3.1.3

simply install unlock version of whitd00r...  if still sim not working.. just open cydia and install ultrasn0w

k so i tried....
 DFU mode
recovery mode..
other PC
normal mode
replacing 3 chargers & cables
 replaced battery ...
 cleaned the usb port through alchol...

STILL NO LUCK....  i think the problem is some CHARGING IC ...
 :-X :-X :-X :-X

tried using restore & DFU mode.. but still no detection

i tried to restore but the itunes dont detect iphone ...
 as the phone turns on when charger is connected...
so i think i need to replace the battery.....

thanks for helping me guys

umm.. br0... i know how to restore....
Go in to iTunes on and then turn it off then hold down the home button and connect the phone to the computer ( still holding the home button ) until the iTunes logo comes on and then restore :) if that doesn't work it's hardware and you may need a new charger port and or battery

hey guys... i just bought an iphone 4 .. nd its  sim locked so m using it as ipod..
 anyways the problem m facing is that till 2 days ago it was working fine....
 now m facing some  problems...
1: when i capture a pic.. the phone immediately reboots...

2: when i connect the cable for it to charge....then.. it wont charge .. i have tried reboot.. hard reset..

btw.. when i shutdown the phone.. then plig in the charger then it turn on .. normally without using sleep button.. which means it detects the charger  but wont charge nd turn on ....

so is it a software issue or  hardware... nd if anyone know a fix

I have had this problem a lot the only thing you can do is restore the ipod i have needed to restore my iphone about 5 times.
the link i provided .. show the method o fixing ur device without restore ....

before posting a new thread kindly do a quick search regarding the problem...
the problem u r stating has already been solved

here :,12411.0.html


No, not dead.  :)  I'm working on Grayd00r, which takes up most of my time now.  When that is done feature wise 100% stable, I then try and back port what I can to whited00r, stopping at iOS 4.x along the way hopefully.
There are many new features planned/in the works in grayd00r, hopefully which will still work on iOS 3.x with little hassle, but will provide a large amount of future support for these devices.
What is in grayd00r right now is just the start, but on the backend what is being worked on is quite nice. Eventually that will be explained though so everyone knows just what is going on there :)
OH sorry br0.. carry on the goood work,,... maybe thats why WD 8 not coming....

Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / whited00r??
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:08:20 PM »
what has happened to whited00r forum?
there used to be a new topic everytime i visited the forum....

but it has been sometime that the forum is dead.... no bugs.. no topics.. no requests.....

have people stopped using whited00r?

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
i misss the old times very much....

We use tweaks, but they are deeply integrated into the whited00r file system in terms of they rely on graphical mods as well to work properly, and the tweaks require the other tweaks in whited00r to work as well.
Yes, it is all custom made so nothing of it is in Cydia, and even if you did take all the tweaks out of the file system as well as all the image and file system mods, it would only work on 3.1.3, and even then it wouldn't run on anything other than a whited00r install.
welcome back bruan.....

what bruan said is ri8.....BTW why u need the debs?

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