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yup u r ri8.. no debs...

nd its my pleasure to help others  8) 8)

first of all whited00r doesnt use any tweaks ... it is something thats self made..
secondly.. notification center is already being worked on...
3rdly.. newstand is useless..
4thly.... game centre is something thats present in ios 4 if u want it buy a new phone
5thly... all the suggestions u gave we already know...

bro these were the earliest versions i found...

the most easy way to download music on ur iphone is to ..
install idownload pro from ATM .. then go to search tab nd select Music.. then select mp3sull
nd then use the music playing app from cydia.. i dont remember its name.. i think it starts with "X" to play the music u downloaded

whited00r 8 is soon to be released....
and most of the bugs in whited00r 7 have been solved through ota updats or through different fixes...
the bugs or problems that u r facing.. try searching the forum for their fix and if u dont find any topic related to ur problem then make a new thread about m sure ur problem will be solved....

thank you for using whited00r :)

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Media player
« on: June 25, 2015, 08:15:53 PM »
try converting the video size to 320x480

have u tried uninstalling the app then reinstalling it from app time machine
also tell which whited00r version r u using,,, and did u restore from a backup?

FIFA 10 is available at app time machine..
and why dont u play real football 2011 its really good app..
u can find its ipa at

the best solution is to restore ur iphone nd not recover from a backup... keeps u away from porblems

u can do it with iTools also... but whats the need of using 3rd party apps when u can do it with itunes??

C O C doesnt work on iphone 3g... it works on iphone 3gs nd above....
even if u find a working version still u wont be able to play cauz it dropped support for ios 4.2 nd below nd only works on ios 4.3 nd above

br0 u kidding,,,u still use internet explorer?? :P  :D

visit code school website then select xcode....

go to code school website first then learn some basics from there,,,
then search google u gonna find alot of info there

do u know any basics of xcode?

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