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go there and download it make sure you have appsync installed  :D ;)

hello my name is isfar but my username is isfiisfar

i am a simple wd user at first i hated my ipod 1g because of how apple treated me but after installing wd i never looked back to orignal  ios and now i feel proud of my ipod

my hobbies are:gaming,custimization, helping others,solving others problems. ,etc ect  :D
i have been using wd since wd 5 but started posting here at wd 6

can ios 7 style notification bar be added to wd 8
i have heard that it is quite possible  :)

hello guys after a trying of 1 week i finally found the correct converting settings to play any video on ipod 1g,2g
for this i prefer using :Any video converter

after installation of avc click on add video and choose the video that is to be converted
then make sure the settings on the table on right side are as follows:

VIDEO options:

video codecs=mpeg4
frame size=640x480
video bitrate=128
video framerate=15
encode pass=1

AUDIO options:

audio codec=aac
audio bitrate=64
sample rate=11025
audio channel=2
disable audio=no
a/v sync=basic
audio track=default

 :D :D :D :D :P :P :P

thanks for telling

can anyone plz give me the link or upload garden mania or candy cussh saga (any version compatible with whited00r 7) and if there is none compatible then can anyone plz give some suggestions about their alternatives... thanks in advance  :) ;)

so, should i call my problem being fixed some stroke of luck  :P :P :P ;D :D

on: Today at 04:41:16 AM

i had the same problem, try checking date and time and go to settings/store and sign in then restart your device
mine problem got solved in this way  :) :) :P

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