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If you're looking for the right ipa, this one should work; but I haven't tested it myself.

Ok thanks, I will try this today and give an update

The math behing it is very crappy though for the web browser one :( rendering it unplayable

Really? Works fine for me.

My friend has instagram on his non jailbroken iphone 3G running 4.2.1 so yes it is compatible with ios 4, but only with the iphone ios 4 not the ipod ios 4

Perhaps you would also have to fake your build number to iphone 3G in ifile for this to work? Anyways, I need the iphone 3G insta IPA for this to test out.

Hi guys,
I am fairly new to these forums, so please point out my mistakes for me (in a polite manner obviously)

So this is something I thought up:
Instagram is compatible with an iphone running ios 4.2.1, but not with an ipod 2g running 4.2.1.
But, if we got the IPA for the iphone 3G instagram and force installed it with ifunbox or something, would this work?
I would have tried this out myself, but I could not find the IPA.
It would be awesome if someone provided the IPA for me to test out.


Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

HTML5 is not present in iOS 3.1.3 (wich whited00r is based on, even whited00r 7.1)

I have started working on a native flappy bird copy for whited00r 7 though, but it is not done (I need to create a gravity system, and figure how to ake stuff move properly on the screen). I am doing this all programmatically with only the old iOS 3.1.3's UIKit framework, I have no clue how much time it will take :(
But it will be free for sure and no ads :)

Well i'm not sure what it is running as I didn't design it, I just assumed it was HTML5. To the point, it works fine

Here is a flappy bird web app that will work on any device as it uses HTML5, It is the best and most accurate copy of the game I have seen.
Have fun! :D :D :D :D

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