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Darlo did Great Things here and was One of the Best here. But it's Time to let other guys to His work. Ios wallp. To but in are Not the Problem and i don't Know how darlo Port the multitasking and Folders App. But there are many Moss and tweaks out there for us(3.1.3 Firmware). Only find them and conect this Things. What do you mean out there? Let's go for it!!!!!!!!


i Know that Ios 4 apps can't Run With my iPhone 2g 3.1.3 just wondering that find my iPhone and other apps Run normal. How is this possible? Is someone Working on that Ios 4 orginal Firmware on iPhone 2G or not?
Is that AppStore 2.0 from Carlos a Fake or just the Future of Whited00r Working apps and Utilities

Suggestions for Next Whited00r - Archive / Next Gen Multitasking
« on: July 04, 2011, 09:03:53 AM »

your whitd00r Multitasking App Works Great and i use it a Lot.
Can anybody say me how it locks in the New Ios 5 Firmware. Is it different to the Former App.? Is Folders Next gen simeler to Ios 4? Haven't Seen the beta of Ios 5 yet, Hope some One can help me with this.

Whited00r Development - Archive / Folders Next Gen
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:54:18 AM »
Like your Folders in whited00r, but only 9 apps i can but in. By the Way, can i but more Utilities in there? What about 4.0 Folders with Folders in Folders And more apps amount, if it's possible. Have only Seen Folders in Folders utilities for Apple iPhone 4 Firmware.

Hope can help me

Add this sources to cydia and you will find this Things: Look for Ios 5


Hope you like it

What Hardware ir Software Needs this Mod to Run fast?

Lockinfo is the best App for my phone. My batterie isn't go fast down.
Lock for any mod in cydia: xsellize, modmyiphone and Big Boss.
The Set up Ios 5 is 3.1.3 compatible. Most other Need 4.2.1 Apple firmware.

I meant the Welcome screen and the Set up and ui Kits. Okay

Hallo again ;D

for à while à looked in cydia for tweaks and Utilities to make my phone
make better and usefuller, i saw many good items to lock and Feel like Ios
5. Is it much better to use this Things and make easier a New Firmware for us?

Things like: lockinfo Mod, ui and settings like Ios 5, bootlogo Ios 5, Mod for mobile notifer or grip.
All items are in cydia. Can geohot help to make a New whited00r Firmware or Mod?
Have anyone teamed up to make the delopment for a New Release?

Have anyone see a Ios 5 bootlogo for 3.1.3 firmware?

Hallo guys :)

have some ideas to make your Firmware better and Looks good

is it possible the get the Ios 5 Welcome screen to whited00r and make
my iPhone 2G Boot faster. Is there à tweak or Mod for it?

Your thouts to imessage, newsstand and todo ios5 Features?
That would Be Great to have this in our whited00r World.

Hope you can help me.

Archives / Internationaler whited00r Vorschlag
« on: June 29, 2011, 03:22:22 PM »
Hallo mach mal hier auf dieser Ebene einige Vorschläge für
whited00r 5.0!!!!!!

Wird viel auf Englisch gepostet drum starte ich hier mal auf Deutsch
voll durch.

Meine Vorschläge sind: imessage

wäre eine tolle Sache mit allen Ios Geräten zu chaten

weiters: newsstand

eine super Sache, für jene die gerne Magazine lesen wie ich

to do List

das ich nicht immer Alles vergesse.

Die whited00r Firmware ohne aufspielen per Computer finde ich auch ganz sinnvoll.

Für notification Center, gibt's einige tolle altinativen lock Info und grip.
Zwar gibt's auch einige to do apps aber keines haut mich vo
Hocker. Wifi Sync und snap tap gibt's bei cydia. Drop Box ersetzt locker icloud. will auch einen gleichen service anbieten wie imessage, kommt aber erst Ende des
Jahres damit.

Hoffe meine wünsche kommen irgend wann in Erfüllung für mein
geliebtes iPhone 2G.

Grüße alle Leute aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und natürlich alle anderen auch.
Macht weiter so bei whited00r. Ihr seit die Besten!!!!!!!

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