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Before going onto itunes and installing it go to: click regular download then run it.
 Click on your ipod touch type and follow the instuctions.
Then go onto Itunes and install the whited00r as normal.
This should help!

Bug Reports - Archive / Re: WD iOS5 BUG REPORTS
« on: October 08, 2011, 06:02:16 AM »
Here are the issues I found when I installed Whited00r 5 onto my iPod touch 2g.

Things That Don't Work:
-Whited00r iOS 5 Setup- Goes white at end and when press disable goes white too!
Restarting springboard takes for every-The only way to get past it is too hold the power button for 20 seconds
Somethings You May want to add:
-Game center Application
-Whited00r 5 app start when you first reinstall the firmware
-Tabbed Browsering
-Update Cydia Sources

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