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hopefully you guys can add these in the future :

an option to configure icloud in settings like WD, imessages and lithium from soltmeal?

dont mean to rush to annoy anyone its just suggestions

Redd00r - Archive / Re: Speeding up iPhone 3G
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:43:00 PM »
is there a CFW for ipod touch?

Same problem as before,

When opening folders the wallpaper is black

Is the Rerelease expected soon?

In the mean time is there a good CFW for iPod touch 2g?


omg i saw the RD reminders video on youtube i seriously cant wait for lithium safari

you removed it from your repo so i cant donwload this on to my ipod touch 2g?

anyway i tried before and it kept telling me i needed preference loader?

and mobile substrate which requires 4.3.2?


can anyone upload the ios 6 music theme images (i have the ones uploaded on the site)

i want speed on my ipod and wondering if this is compatible with ipod touch 2g mb?

^ yea you are right hopefully it will include exclusive things or something

Well the latest newsstand was released without rss integration the application otherwise would seem too 'heavy'

I would use the lithium safari in the app instead just wait for the actual app which would have more features like zoom

Is there going to be a icloud configurator in the settings?

its called backgrounder

 And change your screenshot with my white clock

is this the IPad clock icon? if so can u upload it please?

also can some one upload the 'music default' image for ios 6

finally thanks!!!!!! weather is now for images

whats left now with the ios 6 images?

is it normal that i go in to safe mode regularly ?

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