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very true gawer, on the mb model the most likely outcome if you fail is simply itunes saying "you are not elligible for the requested build" this is the worst case scenario, and even then nothing bad happens to your device, it just stops you from installing whited00r

I was using redsn0w and I accidentally selected the 3.1.2 for the iPod 1g instead of the iPhone 2G LOL.  My phone just was off for awhile and redsn0w uploaded the payload but was saying wtf?  Lol all I had to do was hold down both buttons for 10 seconds or so.  You won't brick it ;)

i've bricked my MC model 2g many times but always got it out WITH all data on it by holding down the power and home buttons for 7 seconds and then the home for 1, and then it shows the apple logo and boots up. :ugeek:  :mrgreen:

That's a hard reset lol

Bricking litterally makes the device unusable.

It means that there is no way it can be restored; it will simply not do anything.

It basically becomes a brick, hence the name.

It's very, very difficult to brick an iPhone... did anybody mention
--- Code: ---dpkg -r
--- End code ---
? (But seriously, don't do that).


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