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[Solved] Removed Whited00r Package by Accident in Cydia


I accidently removed my Whited00r tweaks from Cydia. can someone please help me find them to reinstall...tho my ipod doesnt seem to be running dif....

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Welcome to WD forums Soccrboo. What are those tweaks exactly that you removed accidently?!

The whited00r tweaks shouldn't normally show up under Cydia :o  Do you mean you remove the "Whited00r" package from Cydia?  That's alright to do, all the things still work as it is just a script that is run on reboot the first time around. Don't worry about it :)

(also would like to know if that is the case so I can provide a relevant title for this thread ;) )

yes bcoop that is exactly it...thanks for clearing that up...


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