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WD7 on iPhone 3G Missed Call Bug/Incoming Call Bug

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i think it's not the way it should be, but correct me if i'm wrong

1. looks kinda unfinished  - is it the way we should have a missing call?

2. no coloured squares for "Accept" and "Decline"? weird, imho

3. if i pick up a call, i have only text "End" as in the picture below:

but if i am who's starting a call, i got the normal button (red one):

SHOULD i reinstall WD7 or these bugs are common feature?..

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its a know bug, will be fixed :) i noticed that also,10619.15.html

but how about problems #2 and #3

i experienced 2, hope they can fix them all :)

1. The missed calls don't come in as system notifications like everything else :( It will be looked into though, as to why.
2.  Will be looked into as well, but that's part of the UI tweak that changes the background colors for all buttons without an image to clear and the text to iOS 7 button blue. However the good news is the UI tweak was designed well, so it's easy to put in a fix without a major re-write of things, for modifying just minor button changes.  There are a couple other buttons that need this. The call button in the actual phone app looked like that before, but it was fixed before the final release, this must have just slipped through.
3. Now that is a weird bug, seeing the images show up as in #4, not sure about that one :o

Keep in mind lots and lots and lots of things were changed in the UI, and many things tweaked in the system. Most of the major things were changed, and minor things too. Hard to catch everything before the release :(  (like the missed call bug).  Still not sure about the incoming call thing though with the missing images but them existing when you make a call. 


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