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Is Redd00r 7 being worked on?


team reddoor don't work again????

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Posting twice in the forums won't get you an answer as fast. So please only post once.

We don't give progress reports, and either way things take lots of time. We devoted many many hours and months to getting WD7 to where it is, and that is without working on other projects at the same time. It isn't a simple matter of porting up either. It would all need to be re-written and redone as well as go through all the headers and such to get the right things to hook and change. So, all the work for WD7 would need to be redone completely again for anything redd00r at all to happen. That's around 6 months of work ;)  presuming we don't want to relax for a bit, and also that we have personal lives, and it could be even harder to get it working on a new firmware.

Not even going to bother saying if we are working on it or not though, as whited00r is much better than redd00r anyway ;)

ios 3.1.3 very can't run a lot of app which i need.............i hope reddoor work again!!!!!!!!
i know 4.2.1 very heavy and little addition,WD7 has lots of feature than reddoor7..but, i don't need lots of features for reddoor........make interfaces looks ios 7, some thing like that........  ::) ???

We know what people want, but we also don't have all the free time in the world to work on stuff ;)
developing another firmware throws in a lot of different complications, even down to the basics of people not understanding that they are running redd00r instead of whited00r when they ask for troubleshooting support, so we end up wasting even more time with that.  That, and needing to constantly deal with people asking for progress reports or anything of the like, or just saying be quick.

We work at the pace we want, and on what we want and decide is important for the masses, while still keeping the forums clean and organized and manageable.

As I said above, no information about anything we are working on unless we are ready, just like whited00r 7 was and the 7.1 update. 


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