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--- Quote from: [email protected] on June 05, 2014, 05:04:02 PM ---my suggestion is very less
1)reminder app notification
2)spotlight search like in IOS8
3)all bugs solve
i suppose it will take less time to make WD8 because IOS7 and 8 are the same (almost)
i wouldnt suggest any new featurs because the device cant run :(

--- End quote ---
1. The developer for reminders has disappeared. But I'm sure something could be done...
2. Some of apples internal things a closed source but it may be possible...
3. That depends on the time it takes. All the bugs from whited00r 7 are still being tracked down but I'm sure something may be worked out...

Photos in notes.. Just saw that if possible can that be added
Photo countdown timer in camera
More suggestions soon.

Camera zoom controled by finger spread and pinch

Oh I've read somewhere Apple provided devs 4000 different API codes for features in their app to match iOS 8 features. I wonder if it could help something with WD8 features?
My suggestion: do your best to have as much feature as possible to match iOS 8 :P
Ok just kidding, here's some of my idea for improvement:
1/ I saw that there used to be a newspaper app on WD 6. Why don't you make it again, but instead of reading newspapaper, try WD news :) ex: a place where devs can post news instead of facebook :) (probably difficult and requires lots of effort).
2/ Improvement on the Reminder app. I was confused when using it. Really tricky, same theme as ios's app but not as easy to use.
3/ Make some icon (yeah just icon, no need to be work) of new apps on iOS 8 just to look like real (health, passport, etc.).
4/ if possible, speed improvement to make WD tweaks work more efficiently and less choppy. (i know, just simply disable as much feature as possible for more speed, but I said 'if' :P )
5/ Cycorder is an open source, so why don't you make a theme to look like real? WD 7 advertised the ios 7 theme of Cycorder on main page but actually there was no different of WD 6.
6/ Focus more on themes to balance between everything since lots of people don't know and keep asking why those letters are so hard to read, why my button is red, blue, green,... And, Yeah, including a small handmake tweak to make the power off theme like ios 7.1
7/ Make animation to slide and switch between camera modes such as time lapse, video, square,... But no need to make it work, do exactly what you did to the do not disturb button in control center: this function is currently not available...
8/ So the do not disturb feature was 'currently not available'. So, please make it work :)
9/ (Out of topic) The quick access to camera on lockscreen ought to go back to the lockscreen again rather than go straight into homescreen when I press the home button. What's more, if passcode is turned on, still needs to enter password prior to use the camera. Not useful at all, still take time.
-> In conclusion, I think WD team should focus more on theming than making new features, since old generation devices lacks of speed and lack of resource on iOS 3. I wanted a theme to match exactly like ios 8, even actually they don't work :D

How about an increased Blur setting in WD settings so everything is blurred like the volume thing and the home screen when in app switcher and notifications ect...


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