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Deleted folder, Can't get apps back

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Hey guys,

I'm very new to white door. i tried using folders. I set up a folder i didnt like so i tried to delete it. But when I did all the apps that where in that folder disappeared. When i go into itunes they are there and i can move them around, but i still can't see them on the phone.

Also when I go into sb settings I see 2 icons with no names on them. could be the 2 folders I had made?

Finally I noticed that I can't have more then 1 folder because if i try, the second folder overwrites the first.

I'd try reseting the permissions via folders help app... otherwise you'll have to install iFile or openssh to access your phone's filesystem and manage your folders there...

Where is the folders help app? What permissions should they be set at and what folders should i edit?

It's a folder icon with a cog inside it. The actual app is called "Folders Help".

Just run it, press fix and it'll do it's thing.

Good luck!

I cant see the app anywhere. it doesn't exist.


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