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Deleted folder, Can't get apps back

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Try installing a newer version of folders since older versions lack the "Folders Help" app...

Or, as I said before, install iFile, browse to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and under com.darlo770.folders, check your existing folders... your folders should be there under the name inside those folders you can edit the file contents.plist and check what apps are inside. When you find the folder which is missing, simply delete the corresponding and respring. Your apps should appear normally in your springboard now.

NOTE: /var/mobile/Library/Preferences is the location of folders in v1.04-2, I don't know if in other versions the path's the same... but if not, just browse a bit ;)

/var/mobile/Library/Preferences and under com.darlo770.folders
all of the are empty.the plist. doesn't name any folders or any apps and yet im missing one.

you have v1.04/1.04-2 right?

if so, try deleting all the and then respring... this will destroy all your created folders but still....

Yes, delete all the folder's folders (lol) and then respring, and you will want to uninstall folders and update to the newer release so that you don't have these issues :)

I had already updated... Does the current version let you have more then 1 folder? So am i supposed to delete "springboardfolderstash" or just delete all the folders in there


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