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Introduce yourself

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Welcome members to this little thread. Firstly I am going to lay down a basic rule.
Don't make it too personal. Admin's will make the decision as to what is and is not.

But feel free to list all the things that make you, you. Such as music taste, hobbies and anything you want to add :)

So I'll get the ball roiling :P

So as you can see my name is iTechy21 I joined the forums in the summer last year and have contributed a ton to the community (as you may know)
I like any kind of music from dub-step to dance and a bit of rock
I am a part of the scout movement and when I am not moderating I am either doing college work or gaming :P

feel free to introduce yourself below either if your a new member of have been a member for some time. :)

My name is Josh Dyson. My online name is MarioKartEpicness; but you can call me MKE or shorten the name if you prefer.

I have been stalking the forums since whited00r 6, but I never joined for some reason until whited00r 7.

Some of my favorite things are games, and my dog, Jellybean. (No, not the candy, that's her name. :P)

That's me, thanks for letting me join these forums. :D

My name is Bruan, and I make this up as a I go along ;D

I have been here for years and years and years, pretty much a very long time.

I do development of things, so if there is a bug in whited00r, it is probably my fault. (wellllllll....).

I also troubleshoot the forums, so if you do have issues, I am there to help :)

I am iAgent.
Apple Send me a e-Mail to Check out this Forum because it is so awesome xD
Thats Why my Name is iAgent.

Hobbys : Gaming , Programming , Making YouTube Videos and Jailbreaking :D

Checkout my Channel (German) : :P

Well hello there! :)

Not sure if that is good or bad Apple sending you ;) ( :P )


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