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iPhone 2G WD7.1 Wifi not working properly - Scanning but no networks found


Iphone 2g
wifi not working he is still scaning but no network is found but after 1 month it found my network again for 3 hours after this it is again not scaing any network

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Does it do this on a clean install of stock 3.1.3?  (without restoring from a backup because that can transfer over issues).

Sounds like what happened to my iPhone 2G though, a hardware issue with the wifi chip burning out.  Nothing can really be done about that because it is a hardware issue, short of replacing the motherboard (unless you are lucky and it is an antennae, but it doesn't sound like it).

I'm having the same problem, I switched out the wifi antenna, nothing, I restored to ios 4.2.1 a few times and I got nothing. I tried to connect to it with the phone right over the router and sadly nothing, I came and realized the wifi chip is burned out :(

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Oh thats bad  :( didnt you check it when you bought it?


--- Quote from: [email protected] on March 21, 2015, 02:26:04 PM ---Oh thats bad  :( didnt you check it when you bought it?

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Nope, it was showing the apple logo over and over again so there was no way of looking until I restored it and that's when I found out :(

Ima try to fix it


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