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finally found the correct video converting size for iPod Touch 1G


hello guys after a trying of 1 week i finally found the correct converting settings to play any video on ipod 1g,2g
for this i prefer using :Any video converter

after installation of avc click on add video and choose the video that is to be converted
then make sure the settings on the table on right side are as follows:

VIDEO options:

video codecs=mpeg4
frame size=640x480
video bitrate=128
video framerate=15
encode pass=1

AUDIO options:

audio codec=aac
audio bitrate=64
sample rate=11025
audio channel=2
disable audio=no
a/v sync=basic
audio track=default

 :D :D :D :D :P :P :P

[email protected]:
You can use this converter
Free studio manager
and then download it for apple devices
i have downloaded it for iPhone you can download it for iPod touch it is very easy to convert

I'm sure framerate doesn't matter as long as it's =<24

Is that reaaly useful ?
I prefer to convert (or download) videos in .mp4 and in 360p, it works fine.


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