Author Topic: MMS on iPhone 2G w/ FW 3.1.3?  (Read 2720 times)

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MMS on iPhone 2G w/ FW 3.1.3?
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:34:25 PM »
Greetings, whited00r forums!
I'll get straight to the question: is there any way to get MMS working on an iPhone 2G running 3.1.3 (T-Mobile)?

I've searched here, google, and scoured the internet's highs and lows looking for a solution but alas, any and all tutorials I've found lead straight into dead ends and now defunct links. I'm curious if anybody has any knowledge as to getting this to work.
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Re: MMS on iPhone 2G w/ FW 3.1.3?
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2016, 08:14:23 PM »
Want MMS on 3.1.3? Give Up. Seriously.
Instead, downgrade to 3.1.2 and use the available functional tweak for that firmware. (But wait! It's not as easy as you'd think.)

Trying to get stuff like this working 10 years after a phone's initial release is ridiculously exhausting and depressing. You learn first-hand of the inherent fragility of all online content -- LINKS GO DOWN; NOPE, NOBODY SAVED THEM; TOUGH LUCK. You desperately scavenge through old forums, posts, links, solutions, and then maybe every once in a while stumble on a guy who got whatever you're trying to do working. You think, "Well maybe this guy still has the file on his computer, let me just private messa- oh last signed on 6 years ago nice." The entire internet seems to be working against you, and it is, but then, after hours and hours of helpless searching... you stumble upon a working method just like the one I'm providing here by a gal who went through all the bullshit for you. This process involves downgrading, (unlocking)/jailbreaking with outdated software, a broken Cydia, a broken heart, some obscure .deb and iFunbox.

Let's assume you: probably male, frustrated, wanting to avoid whited00r 7 for personal aesthetic reasons, and for some strange reason you're insistent on using an iPhone 2G in 2016 but this whole MMS thing is messing you up.

Phase 1 / Download
It's very sad how this link will go down someday but life is fragile and death awaits us all, files are no exception. Please, never delete this and save it for the future to help others. And, if you're really feeling nice, create mirrors and post them in this thread.

Phase 2
If you don't have it already, get iTunes (if you have trouble with your version later in this tutorial refer to the "misc" folder in the zip file)
Extract .zip
Install iFunbox from folder
Open iTunes, select your device, hold shift and click "Restore" button, select 3.1.2 IPSW file from folder
Wait for all that, etc, and your device will be locked, begging to be unlocked by iTunes and a valid SIM (if you're using an alt carrier like T-Mobile in my case)
Open redsn0w from from folder
Select 3.1.2 IPSW from folder
Wait for whatever thing pops up and follow all the instructions on getting into DFU and what not
Check "Jailbreak" when prompted (AND "Unlock" if you need to unlock it of course)
Wait for the process and the reboots, whatever happens, (if unlocking provide bootloader files in redsn0w folder) and... success. Kind of
Your device should start (and be unlocked/working with your phone network if you checked the "Unlock" checkbox)
Cydia should be on your home screen, but don't even bother opening it. It's old and borked with an accursed loading of data
Open iFunbox and navigate to the "File Browser" tab
Click "Cydia App Install" on the left side of the window
Drag and drop "MMS2G.deb" from the folder
Reboot your iPhone
When it's on again, wait 3 minutes, then reboot again (this is to actually install and enable the .deb we provided that enables native mms)
Now that your iPhone is on again, open settings --> general --> network --> cellular data
There SHOULD be a section for entering MMS settings (if not, you have my sympathy. maybe try the iFunbox Cydia App Install steps again?)
This varies by carrier (just google your carrier and settings for mms), but with T-Mobile, enter as follows...
Username: <LEAVE THIS BLANK!!!!!>
MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
(I got this from and can confirm these settings work as of november 7, 2016)
Now, go back to "Network" in  settings, then click "Cellular Data" again and see if whatever you wrote saved
Of course it saved! Now, reboot again
Make sure you have signal and data, as in, that little "E" is in your status bar
Check to see if those "Cellular Data" settings are still there
Of course they are! Now, go all the way back to the main settings page, scroll down, and click on "Messages"
Now, underneath "Show Preview" and "Repeat Alert", there SHOULD be "MMS Messaging" and "Show Subject Field"
(these will only appear, again, if your MMS settings are correct in "Cellular Data" and if you have data. Otherwise, the option wont appear)
Make sure "MMS Messaging" is "ON" with the little switch thingy, and open your messaging app
Go to text somebody, anybody, and there should be a little camera icon there
If the icon is there, congratulations! It worked!
(By the way, when sending MMS, sometimes it gets stuck near the end. It's not really stuck, just give it a minute. It WILL send, it's just the progress bar isn't all that accurate in reporting progress)

That wasn't so hard, was it? If at any point you lose your 2G connection temporarily, the camera icon and mms setting may go away, but they'll come right back again when you regain connection. I wish someone had told me this before I thought I messed everything up. And yes, Cydia is still outdated/broken, You can maybe use that "Cydia App Install" + rebooting method to install openssh and mobileterminal -- i'll include them in the zip file so you can try, I don't really care for any other cydia use cases so i'll personally never bother. Attatched to this thread is the MMS enabling deb file individually in case anyone wants to download just that (again, it only works with 3.1.2). Hope this thread helps at least one person out there
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