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Battery Drain faster WD 3.1.3 Firrmware

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i got an iphone 3G and i tryed the custom firmware using ios 3.1.3 everything worked like a charm except battery life ... everytime i respring eats 10% of battery life, the battery drains faster than even ios 4.2 with everything on, can any one explain me if im just the only one ??  ;)

hello is any one here ??  ::)

Hello and welcome to the forum iOS 4 has better battery life than iOS 3 plus whited00r has many installed cydia tweaks.Cheers  :)

yes but, is not tweaked to looks like ios 7 ... i was talking about the whited00r 3.1.3 with ios 7 looks ...  :(

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Thats wired  :o my device (iPhone 3G) dosent eat any battery at all when i respring... like SimulaYOOO said iOS 3 (or whited00r 7.1) has less battery backup than iOS 4 (stock) i would consider checking or replacing the battery and try doing a hard reset by holding power button and the home button till the apple logo appears... :)


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