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AppTimeMachine wont click "YES" to download

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I have an iPod Touch 1G, I followed the instructions to install whited00r 7.1, y also had a broken home button, so the first thing to do is activate assistive touch, then conect to wifi.
I try to install apps with AppTimeMachine, but it dont read the click on "Yes" to download apps
I restored the iPod, jailbroken and install whited00r several time with same results.
any help?

Can you see the "Yes" button at all?

After selecting any app, it is shown a pop-up with the app logo and name, and two words "Cancel" and "Yes", but any of them reads the click.

I just found that it is not an exclusive behaviour of apptime machine, actually it is a problem with the dialogs, because it isn't possible to click on dialogs of other apps, like music

Strange i havent had this problem be for.


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