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How to send SMS from Computer


Want to send text from computer ? Or want to group texting people from computer ?Coolmuster How to Print Text Messages is the smart Android messages backup transfer software .Sometimes we can need to send the same messages to many people.It is waste of time to send a messages to several people one by one. Hence, it is so important to group texting .
With Coolmuster How to Print Text Messages, you can fast copy and send text messages to many people. And any time as you want/need, you can send text from computer easily !More importantly, you can use this tool to manage your messages on computer directly.
Coolmuster How to Print Text Messages it can help you:
1.Copy and backup Android messages on computer
2.Export android messages for a file
3.Backup android contacts,photos,videos to PC
4.Print phone messages on computer ,like android ,iPhone.
5.Manage phone contacts on computer
6.Edit and add contacts on computer
7.Send text from computer
8.Group /mass texting
How to Mass texting from Computer
Step 1: Connect your Android phone to PC
To begin with,you need to download and install Coolmuster How to Print Text Messages on your computer.Then, connect your Android phone to PC via UBS cable.
Step 2: Choose contacts you want to transfer messages.
To send messages to many people, you only need to hit "Contacts" option and then click "Send" button to open the message sending dialogue.
Coolmuster How to Print Text Messages supports Samsung ,HTC,Sony,LG,Motorola transfer messages .

There are sharing apps in Play store that you can use for sending sms. Or you can use Android Manager to send text messages from computer. It can manage your sms effectively, transfer, send and recieve messages on computer.

To send SMS from computer, we can use Android mobile manager program. It allows us directly send SMS from computer. And we can also transfer, backup & manage data on Android from computer. Such as transferring data between Android to computer, deleteing unwanted data, editing contacts and so on.

You can use blue stack it and enjoy all android messaging app...

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