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Change Custom BootLogo's On Whited00r 71


Hi There.......
After Reading All posts And Search In Many,,,
I Came Up With  a Solution Thats Works perfectly In My I phone 3g..Let's begin
a)Red-snow 0.9.4 [For Mac & Linux users Kindly Customize the link on Website Scrolling Down the Options]
c)Reiboot [Optional --put ur iPhone into recovery mode If u dont know hot to enter into recovery mode]
d)I phone 3g with Whited00r 71(I Tested In this,,I Didn't test on Other Models)

Now Pick up a Picture u want set up as a boot-logo
1)For Windows users Open it with paint..and click on resize and set the pixels to below 320*480 and click save as And Save It With .Png Extension& Make Sure It's Size is less than 100kb..
If Not so Again Re-size it with less pixels and save it and make sure it's less than 100kb   [By Opening Redsnow u can see more info abt this]

2)For Linux Users Having Any Linux Distro u Can Edit By a Default Photo Viewer

1)After Downloading The Above Files ...Lets Put Ur Phone In recovery Mode
2)Open Red-snow 0.9.4 And Choose  "iPhone1,2_3.1.2_7D11_Restore" Firmware
3)Now Uncheck Install Cydia [coz we already have cydia]
4)Check  Custom Boot logo And Select the .png picture Which U Wish
5)If u r already in  Recovery mode Then Check Already pwned Other wise uncheck it go through it Instructions
6)Now Click Next 
7)Don't Disconnect the cable Nor Operate ur mobile Let the process takes place
8)It Takes Some More time On First Boot up

Thats It u r Done.. :)Thnks to Redsnow,Whited00r&Reiboot  :D

And Thnks 2 My Frnd Hareesh

Kindly Notify Me For Further Suggestions And Comments.... 8)

Proof In Below Attachment.........

I'm not sure if that works with any devices, as even when WD 7.1 is install on my iPod Touch 2G, the boot logo will stay the same (the old non-flat apple)

Yeah Kind offf 50/50...

But a Worthy Try would be great thing right!!!!!!



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