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I guess we can say whited00r.. is DEAD.

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Chris M.:
Hello, i saw the Grayd00r project and i want to say that you guys are doing a very good work :) Thank you all for spending a lot of time for other users that have outdated devices and posting all of these tutorials and forum for FREE!!! I wish you good luck and i hope you will make more updates and good stuff :) Until that, i'm remaining on and enjoying  Whited00r 7.1. :D


--- Quote from: Bruan on March 28, 2016, 05:41:01 AM ---We've been busy with other things for newer devices with the Grayd00r project.

Once that is done and stable, we backport what we can to whited00r, which leaves it open to others to better modify the system as time goes on so no one is relying 100% on us for updates and users can make their own mods, not just for higher-iOS looks either. (although users will be able to do that as well, much easier than they can with whited00r).

That's taken from
Grayd00r Custom Firmware for iOS 5 - iPod touch 3G and iPad 1G

Glad you have a new device though!  I do too and have for the whole time I've been involved with whited00r ;)  I just like to keep things going for users. There are lots of people still who use first and second generation iOS devices, and I'd like to still provide an option for them for customizing it better :)

--- End quote ---
If your still out there. I would love to see something

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whited00r is dead, and grayd00r is kill


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