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[SOLVED] Experiencing problems watching videos in Whited00r

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Well, if you could say how you did that, it could help :)

Chris M.:
So this is how it was: i'm having Windows XP running on my computer and Apple dropped support for it because of some security risks (read this )  i didn't knew that and i started restoring my ipod touch with whited00r 7.1 for the first time. The restoring process was good, but then my ipod was stock on "Connect to iTunes" it was waiting for the activation but iTunes gave me the error from the link above but as i sayd, i didn't knew that security problem from Apple and i unpluged my device and started searching on forums and found that someone has this problem and he just plugged his device in to computer with iTunes open, and after 5 mins it started syncing. I tried by myself this thing and mine was syncing too, not fully cause the program wasn't able to connect to the iTunes Store so it was half-activated(you can slide to unlock but you don't have push certs). But according to this http://
images/01MobiGageActivateTouch.... ,you can activate your iPod just by
plugging into any usb 2.0 port for a
couple of seconds :) as far as i know this works only on iOS 3
And i found a video on Youtube where someone bypassed the activation by turning off the device  and holding the home button for 5 seconds (or something similar), and i think it's this
I don't know exactly if it's this cause i can't youtube on my ipod, but it looks like that's it.
Hope it helped :)

Chris M.:
But i think it will be much better to extract the corresponding files from iOS 4.2.1 and importing them in Whited00r. The problem is i don't know which files are those :(

Chris M.:
I found a new method of watching youtube videos. Since iOS 3 won't support all the formats not all the videos from Safari will load, so there is a fix for this. Open Opera Mini and go to video that you want to watch. Modify the address with "ss" before "" and you will be redirected to (a third-party youtube video downloader) and select your format (i'm choosing everytime MP4 360p). But on iOS 3 you can't download files from internet, so you will be redirected in Safari and the video will play :) you can save your videos in bookmarks and watch them later. It's not the fastest method but it works, and you can watch high quality vids :D

Chris M.:
Hello, i found an alternative app for watching Youtube videos and it works very well. I found it from a user. The app that i'm talking about is MiniBrowser pro

--- Quote from: 75anders on April 27, 2016, 02:34:02 AM ---If you want a Fast simple browser I would suggest Mini Browser or Mini browser pro its a simple fast browser and the latest version works fine on ios 3.1.3 it also plays youtube videos fine without lag.  ipa and appstore links:

--- End quote ---
Just go to this link( ) and you will find ios 3 compatible apps, there is the mini browser too. Just click on "download" and it will redirect you to a cracked version on AppStore, install and you can use it. You can watch easily Youtube videos in HQ and normal quality and works for all, in Safari you can watch only some of the videos because ios 3 don't have all video certs.
P.S. i was able to watch a google+ video on this browser too!!!
Hope i helped :)


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