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Unlock and icon animation in Whited00r 7.1


Chris M.:
Hello, i'm Chris :)
In this topic i want to show some animation bugs that i'm experiencing in Whited00r 7.1.
I'm having rarely these bugs and they will disappear with a respring, but it'll be better to fix them.

Firstly i noticed these things after iTunes activation, when i restored it to Whited00r, on unlock all the icon became big.
Then when i'm  setting something in Settings app and pressing the home button to close the app all the icons are like "sticking together" on the bottom of the screen.
Sometimes it was like the first time when they became big, and when i'm tapping on an icon and the app is opening and then close it, some icons from the middle of the screen were missing :(

I didn't captured all of these bugs but some screenshots are there. Hope they are going to be fixed :)

This is a known bug when enabling these unlock and home animations. It is recommended not to enable them.
I hope this will be fixed in a future version of Whited00r...

Chris M.:
Yes, i know :) And when you are trying to open an app that stays on that bottom stand where you can put 4 most used apps, they will use the animation from a previously opened app in the home screen but not from that "stand", i think you understand what i meant :D i know that they are buggy, but i like them a little bit. Yes they aren't like real iOS 7 animations, which are more fluid and fast but it's nice too :)


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