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Cannot swipe up apps in app switcher


Chris M.:
Hello, i'm Chris :) I'm using whited00r quite a lot of time and i noticed a bug in the iOS 7 styled app switcher. It was working just fine, but when i disabled the banner notifications in whited00r settings i noticed that i can't swipe up or open previously opened apps from app switcher :( But when i enabled banner it was working again :) hope this bug will be fixed. Thanks :)

wait are you using WD7 or 7.1? i can't swipe up on wd7 but 7.1 should work fine...  :o

Chris M.:
I'm using 7.1 and it's working fine :D it's not working only when banner are disabled lol, i just wanted to report this bug when disable banner notifications in configurator, please read carefuly ;)


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