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Youtube Not Working in Whited00r?

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Yeah I see,although not just on youtube,I never managed to open a video on ios 3.1.3 from browser,guess its player is too old.One more thing I noticed,on ios 4.2.1 I cant log in my google account,but just like you I was able to on ios 3.1.3(whited00r 7.1) which is kinda weird.
Not just that,I noticed that whited00r has its pros and cons,just as ios 4.2.1,itd be cool if in future there is a new firmware based on 4.2.1 with some stuff fixed,optimised and with the latest compatible cydia core files(substrate,safe mode,the one that showed the tweaks in the settings) because the latest versions cause freezes on both 3.1.3 and 4.2.1,no need of ios 7 or other themes,whited00r somethimes feels really buggy because of the tweaks,the old api cant really handle them properly.
Another thing I forgot to mention,the free ram on whited00r 7.1 is so low and the apps crash really often,even with everything disabled :/ no such issue on 4.2.1 .

Chris M.:

--- Quote from: MaRtYy01 on October 03, 2016, 01:43:11 PM ---I never managed to open a video on ios 3.1.3 from browser,guess its player is too old.

--- End quote ---
Go to Settings/Safari and make sure that Javascript and Plug-Ins are enabled. This may fix the issue :)

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Chris M.:
Hello, i found an alternative app for watching Youtube videos and it works very well. I found it from a user. The app that i'm talking about is MiniBrowser pro

--- Quote from: 75anders on April 27, 2016, 02:34:02 AM ---If you want a Fast simple browser I would suggest Mini Browser or Mini browser pro its a simple fast browser and the latest version works fine on ios 3.1.3 it also plays youtube videos fine without lag.  ipa and appstore links:

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Just go to this link( ) and you will find ios 3 compatible apps, there is the mini browser too. Just click on "download" and it will redirect you to a cracked version on AppStore, install and you can use it. You can watch easily Youtube videos in HQ and normal quality and works for all, in Safari you can watch only some of the videos because ios 3 don't have all video certs.
Hope i helped :)


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