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i called it


this thing is way dead, also grayd00r, is way dead, atleast say something bryan use an excuse like "we are busy doing stuff" or "this is what we have been working on but it is not complete(dont put grayd00r )"

You don't know that. Maybe they're busy and just don't have time. I'm sure we've all been in situations like that. Plus, even if it is dead, don't you think that you should be thanking the people who worked so hard? It was a great run, and they've put a lot of time and effort into Whited00r and Grayd00r. So I'll say it now: Thank you so much, Whited00r team. It was great. I had a lot of fun running it on my 2G (and Grayd00r on my iPad 1) and I really enjoyed it.

yup! hftaylor! we should thank to them who are working hard to support us all time.

So sad. This was in 2016, Itís 2021. This is sad.

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