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WhiteD00r iOS 11 theme for iPhone 3GS

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Whited00r 11 Theme for iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1.6

This Theme will only be for the iPhone 3GS on ios 6 (a new iPod Touch 4G theme could come out at later date)
This Theme will modify app icons and images to look more ios 11 like rather then ios 6. I will need your help with making tweaks for this device. All help is greatly appreaciated.

   - New icon Size for stock apps
   - 95% of stock App icons theamed
   - Page dots updated
   - "New" app dot replaces "new" app banner
Lock Screen
   - Removed Slide to Unlock
   - Remobed Top and bottom bars (buggy)
   - Camera Grabber Updated to ios 7-10 like
   - Calculator has iOS 11 look
   - Voice Memos has iOS 7 Look
   - Notes has New iOS 7 Look
      - Weather has New Look with some glitches
      - Clock is a Work in progress
      - Safari Bookmarks Menu is upadted to ios 7 look
      - Messages has new iOS 11 Look
   - New iOS 11 Wallpapers With a still version of "live" and "Dynamic"
   - New iOS 11 Ringtones including Reflection
   - New iOs 11 UI Sounds including Charging, Video Record, Keyboard Press, Unlock, and Turn Off

Download here (Beta 3.0) ->

Change Log (Beta 3.0)
- Weather App Icons updated
- Fixed Some App icons
- Replaced Old Game Center icon with iOS 7 icon
- Replaced Some icons in mailbox
- Passbook app icon Replaced with Wallet icon
- Flatter Splash Screens for apps
- Some Map icons inprovements
- Message bubbles are flatter
- In provements to messages app

Comming Soon ! (Beta 4)
- iTunes Store UI Now white instead of black
- App Store UI Now white instead of black
- Updates to Music, iTunes, App Store Apps
   - Search Bar now looks like ios 11 aswell
- Contact Photos are now round instead of square
- Maps update including newer location icon
- (DEVELOPER) numbered all the buttons to help find easier.

Blackd00r is Whited00r's competitor who ripped the project off.

Yellowd00r is Whited00r's project for older Mac computers.

I would change the name.

Makeing some major progress on this. All help is greatly appreaciated. Comment if your intrested in helping.

PM me. Letís facetime audio sometime.

might as well join, since i am still using an iphone 3gs


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