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99 folders limit reached with only 9 folders created??


Hi today I was installing a lot of new games (12) in my iphone 2g 16g witg WD 4.3, but this message came out when I tried to create a new folder:

             "Folder limit reached, you have reached the maximum of 99 Folders, that's quite an achievement. seriously!"

 I only have 9 folders created since I restore to install WD 4.3, so how can I fix this? I really want to have thats apps in the respective folder!! since Darlo created the folders I hate when the apps are not organized!!

here are some caps of my iphone and the problem

help :S

here are the directs link of the images


Remember NOT to resore from a backup

and reboot twice after install

i think darlo made 9 max for that version. install a new version of folders, you can find it on the forum frontpage in the news&blog section ;)


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